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Welcome to the Milwaukee Makerspace Wiki!


Board of Directors

To contact the board email

  • President: Markus Schneider
  • Treasurer: Billy K-D
  • Operations/Facilities Director: Kathryn Hughett
  • Communications Director: Pete Prodoehl
  • Secretary: Faith F
  • Director at Large: Steff M
  • Director at Large: TBD

Areas / Champions

2016/06/29 16:02 · keithm

Activities at the Makerspace

General Information About the Makerspace

Makerspace Equipment

Makerspace Operations & Maintenance

Operations - How things get done

Maintenance - Things that need doing around the space

Member Information


Board of Directors Information


  • Vendor List - Where to get parts, recycled goods, various services, etc.
  • MMS-API - Milwaukee Makerspace Artifact & Phenomena Investigation Archives
  • Miscellaneous - Things that don't quite fit anywhere else.


Milwaukee Makerspace
2555 South Lenox Street
Milwaukee, WI, 53207, USA
lat/lon: 42.998085,-87.898484
Google Map

If you know where the Bay View Library is on KK, we're a block behind it.
Look for the McDonald's on Potter Avenue, and we're right next door.

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