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Additional Roles WIP Want to be a part of this? Ask Jeff!


The Ceramics Studio is a 1800SqFt slice of heaven located in our Norwich Facility. Its a friendly, fun, and functional studio for all things clay related! We are a community run ceramics studio that fires to cone 6 for glaze ware with electric, gas, and raku kilns.

If you would like to help the studio and don't know where to start, Start Here!

How To Get Trained

To use the Ceramics Area you MUST take the Ceramics 101 class, it takes a bit under an hour and covers how the studio is run, safety, and expectations. It is required to work in the studio outside of Cerveza & Ceramics on Wednesdays.
Regularly Scheduled Trainings: Ceramics 101 See Calendar for current schedule MMS Calendar

The best way to contact the Ceramics Area Champion, Jeff, is Email or @ me on discord


Classes & Trainings Available (work in progress)

Trainings Offered

Ceramics 101 - Basics of working with clay, health and safety, references and resources.(30min - 1hr)
↑ This class is required, to work in the Ceramics area unsupervised.
Ceramics 102 - Making Glazes, a guide to making glazes, testing, common faults and fixes.(3hr)
Ceramics 103 - Loading a Bisque Kiln (Electric Kiln)(3hr)
Ceramics 104 - Loading a Glaze Kiln (Electric Kiln)(3hr)
Ceramics 105 - Firing a Raku Kiln (Gas Kiln)(3hr)
Ceramics 106 - Firing a Reduction Kiln (Gas Kiln)(9hr)
Ceramics 107 - Mixing Clay (2hr)

Classes Offered

Classes are 1-3 hours of hands on techniques exploring the medium of clay 2xx = handbuilding 3XX= Throwing, 4XX= Slip-casting and embellishment

Ceramics 201 - Hand Building- Coils, Pinch and basic techniques
Ceramics 202 -Slab Construction- Advanced hand building techniques and larger work.
Ceramics 203
Ceramics 204

Ceramics 301 - Pottery Wheel - The basic cylinder
Ceramics 302 - Pottery Wheel - Advanced forms of the cup and bowl
Ceramics 303 - Pottery wheel - Advanced forms of the vase
Ceramics 304 - Pottery wheel - Advanced forms, thoughts of design and decoration
Ceramics 305 - How To Trim

Ceramics 401 - Slip Casting - Basics of making a one piece mold, casting, and cleaning.
Ceramics 402 - Embellishment of surface with colors before firing
Ceramics 403 - Embellishment of surfaces after firing
Ceramics 404 - How To Glaze
Ceramics 405 - How to Scraffito
Ceramics 406

Ceramic Resources

Where I go if I have questions, videos, and documentation
Ceramic Resources

Class Dates Available

Ceramics 101: See the Calendar for current training Schedule MMS Calendar
If you want something besides that the best way is to just ask the current area champion.

Equipment List

Ceramics Meetings (Name TBD)

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