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How To Get Trained

To use the Ceramics Area you MUST take the Ceramics 101 class, it takes about an hour-ish and covers how the studio is run, safety, and expectations. It is required to work in the studio outside of Cerveza & Ceramics on wednesdays. The best way to contact me is coming to a Tuesday Public meeting or C&C. If neither of those work for you Email is the next best way.
Email - Jeff Mann


The Ceramics Studio is a 950SqFt slice of heaven located in our Norwich Facility. Its a friendly, fun, and functional studio for all things clay related! We are a community run ceramics studio that fires to cone 6 for glaze ware with an electric, gas, and raku kiln.

Join us every Wednesday @ ~5pm to ~9pm for Ceramics & Cerveza an open class for any member to come drink beer(or not, judgement free) and make clay things!

-Jeff Mann

Classes Available

Ceramics 101 - Basics of working with clay, health and safety, references and resources. This class is required, to work in the Ceramics area.

Basic Classes; Time consisting 1-2 hours of instruction and hands on training.

  • Hand Building- Coils, Pinch and basic techniques
  • Slab Construction- Advanced hand building techniques and larger work.
  • Slip Casting (currently unavailable) - Basics of making a one piece mold, casting, and cleaning.
  • Pottery Wheel - The basic cylinder (1 to 5 person class by request)
  • Pottery Wheel - Advanced forms of the cup and bowl
  • Pottery wheel - Advanced forms of the vase
  • Pottery wheel - Advanced forms, thoughts of design and decoration
  • Embellishment of surface with colors before firing
  • Embellishment of surfaces after firing
  • All About Glazes 101
  • How To Trim
  • How To Glaze

Possible projects;

  • How to make a bat and reclaim clay.
  • Make tile trivet
  • Throw cup, bowls and plates
  • Broken pottery to mosaic
  • The skys the limit, AMA on ceramics
  • Raku

Ceramic Resources

Where I go if I have questions Ceramic Resources

Class Dates Available

Due to my hectic schedule, emailing me or talking to me before/after a Tuesday meeting is the best way to get a class going. If I do schedule one I will post on the member's only board.

Equipment List

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