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How to make a donation to the Makerspace

Financial donations will be very gratefully accepted! They can be made here: Milwaukee Makerspace is a 501( c )(3) non-profit educational charity.

Equipment donations: Much of the equipment at the Makerspace is there because of the generosity of past donors. However, at this point in our growth, we do not have the resources, funds, volunteer talent, or space to accept any but a few select items. Donations of equipment or machinery must be approved by an area champion or a Board member before any commitment is made to accept the donations. Sadly, we will curse you all the way to the dumpster as we dispose of your un-approved equipment donations. The exception to this is small non-powered hand tools, which can be simply placed on appropriate tool racks.

Materials: The makerspace thrives on donations of materials. However, certain material donations are not worth the precious storage space they make take up. You may donate materials only if you immediately place them on the appropriate area hack racks in accordance with the area champion's wishes. If you're not sure of the area champion's wishes, you must get approval from the area champion before donating materials.

Other “good stuff” to give away: The Norwich meeting room has a rack for “up for grabs” items, where you may leave small items for others to peruse. Items remaining here more than a week or so will be thrown away. Only items that fit on a shelf can be accepted – anything left on the floor near this shelving will be thrown out. Large-ish items can be put on the general HackRack in the East Room of Lenox (across from the 3D printing area) if, and only if, you take an item of equal or greater size. No VCRs or old CRT-type TVs, please! If possible leave a “Donation” tag on your stuff so other people know what it is or whether it works.

Thanks very much for considering the Makerspace for your donations!

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