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Project Storage

Policies & Procedures

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Location Total Spaces Free Spaces Up to date?
East Room Grey Shelving (GA101-GA413) 52 9 YES
East Room Center Aisle Shelving (GB101-GC306) 36 5 YES
Vault Hallway Shelving (VA000-VF000) 72 8 YES
East Room Pallet Racks (PA101-PA313) 36 4 YES
Cosplay Room & Meeting Room (CA100-CD500) 20 5 in meeting room
Lockers (L1-L10) 61 10
Vault Rentals (Vaults 1-19) 19 None, see waiting list
Floor Space Rentals 11 Contact Board of Directors
Member Carts (K+Initials) 11 Contact Board of Directors
Coat Room Storage Shelves (GD100-GJ500) 15 7 in men's coatroom
Total storage spaces 276 ?
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