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Jewelry training is offered once a month, and is posted to the Milwaukee Makerspace calendar.

Some classes also include training on the tools used.

You may contact area champion Erika Paulson and request an additional date/time.

  • Email (preferred):
  • SMS: 651-734-5146

The casting equipment requires additional training (kiln, vacuum caster, centrifugal caster).

Rules and Etiquette

As with every work space, please leave the area cleaner than when you found it.

Please put tools back in their location.

Please notify the area champion if something is broken, missing, or a supply has run out.

Be safe. If you are unsure or forget how to use equipment after being trained, reach out to the area champion and ask.


Hand Saws and blades

  • For best results, use a saw blade size appropriate for the gauge of metal you are cutting
  • Blades are in the worktable central tool organizer, extras are in the jeweler’s desk

Rotary tools and attachments

  • Foredom rotary tools can be changed using the chuck key on the post
  • Attachments can be found in the wooden box on the jeweler’s desk

Hand Files

  • Please only use for jewelry tasks on metals like silver, copper, brass, or nickel
  • When numbered, smaller numbers are more coarse. (Swiss: 0-3, German:2-5)

Shaping tools

  • Dapping blocks and punches
  • Letter stamps and karat/sterling stamps
  • Draw plates to pull wire, circular, oval and triangle shapes available

Purple Press

Torch and Solder

  • Smith acetylene/air torch with torch tips 00, 1 and 2, Instructional video here
  • Mecco Midget oxy/propane torch
  • Hoke oxy/propane torch Torch
  • Micro oxy/propane torch Torch
  • H, M, and E silver sheet solder is available next to the torches

Pickle Pot

  • Use after soldering to remove oxidation and firescale
  • Water and ‘pickle’/sparek (1 cup water to 1 Tbsp sparex)
  • Use ONLY COPPER TONGS in the pickle pot. Steel tools will copper plate any silver in the pickle pot
  • Mildly acidic, wash hands after use, avoid spilling on clothing
  • To dispose, neutralize with baking soda and pour down drain with water

GRS Ring Holder


Buffing Wheel

  • Muslin wheels and ring posts are available on the shelf below the buffing wheel
  • Please use white ZAM compound on the buffing wheels

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Wax for carving

  • We have a good selection of wax including various sizes of sheet, rod, and ring blanks
  • Pre-cast items can also be purchase from Jon Hughett

The kiln, vacuum caster, and pressure pot require additional training


The following companies have a full selection of jewelry making tools, metals, and gemstones

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