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I just plain love to build things. I like playing with big, dangerous tools and I like playing with fire.

I am a professional software engineer, A jack of all trades at all things computer related.

If you ask I am always happy to help with computer stuffs, but mostly I can be found in the metal shop.

My passion is blacksmithing, There is nothing more fun than working iron with fire and hammers. I own most of the forge setup at the makerspace and would love to train you, do some forging for you as part of a larger project, or just answer questions. If you see me working please say Hi!

I'm 6'2“ with a long brown ponytail and almost always wearing sandles.

As of 2018 I am the twice serving current treasurer, and a former thrice serving at-large board member for the makerspace.

I designed and maintain the integration between the billing system (Wild Apricot) and the area funding and tool fob reader systems.

I also maintain the fob reader system for the building doors.

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