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Building Maintenance

Tuesday is Trash Day

  • The large dumpster is scheduled to be emptied on Tuesdays
  • No Parking in the space next to the dumpster on Tuesdays
    Due to a holiday or other event trash pickup can be occasionally pushed out to Wednesday.
    If the dumpster is still full on Wednesday morning, no parking in the space next to the dumpster on Wednesday.
  • Empty space trash cans after Tuesday evening meetings (and general pickup of space)

Space Housekeeping

The space is cleaned and maintained by you (the members of the space). It is the responsibility of each member to clean up after themselves.
You should always leave the space in better shape than you found it.
Cleaning up after yourself looks like;

  • sweep the area you're working in when you're done
  • wipe down and clean surfaces (don't leave food, glue residue, shavings or fluids on surfaces)
  • throw out trash and empty full trash cans
  • put tools and supplies away
  • replace paper towels in the dispenser when they run out
  • replace hand soap in the dispenser when they run out

Weekly Maintenance Chores

With every member picking up after themselves weekly cleanup is quick and easy. Chores to be done are;

  • sweep, mop and vacuum floors (meeting room, front foyer, office, bathrooms and maintenance area)
  • empty large trash cans
  • clean bathroom sinks and toilets
  • clean kitchen tables, wipe-out microwave, straighten shelves
  • wipe down utility sinks
  • dust front office display and shelves
  • update supply list (trash bags, paper towels, soap, cleaners, toilet paper etc.)

We have 200+- members and there is only 52 weeks in a year. If every household or group cleans the space once a year, the space stays clean and functional all year long.

Outside Maintenance

:-? July send out RFP for Snow Removal. Have contract in place by October 1st.

Winter of Managed by Who is doing it. Contact Info.
2013-2014 DL Angel Snow Removal
2014-2015 Adrian ? ?
2015-2016 ? ? ?
2016-2017 ? ? ?

8-) January send out RFP for Landscape/Mowing Removal. Have contract in place by April 1st.

Winter of Managed by Who is doing it. Contact Info.
2014-2015 Adrian ?
2015-2016 ? ? ?
2016-2017 ? ? ?

Consumables and Stock Items

Item Make Model Retailer Previously stocked by Spare stock
Water filters Dupont WFPFC9001/WFPFC8002 Amazon BrantH Front desk filing cabinet, bottom drawer
Foam hand soap Dawn Dish soap Wherever TomGz Cleaning supply closet
paper towels Make Model Retailer TomGz Coat Rooms
Toilet paper Make Model Retailer TomGz, KarenP Coat Rooms
Coat Room Lamps n/a 13w CFL GU24 plug-in base Ace/Home Depot/Target BrantH Coat Rooms
Meeting Room Brother Laser Toner n/a Linkyo LY-BR-TN450C4 ? ? At printer
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