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Upcoming Classes/ Announcements

Donations of scrap leather are now closed.

Basics of Leatherwork

July 13 Noon-2pm FULL
July 20 Noon-2pm 3 Open Seats
August 10 3pm-5pm 5 Open Seats
August 24 3pm-5pm 6 Open Seats

Leather Tooling
August 10 6pm-7:30pm 4 Open Seats

Rules and Guidelines

  • Be excellent to one another
  • Assist others with knowledge, teaching, or anything in the space
  • Must use plastic when dyeing leather to protect work surface
    • Gloves are also available to protect your hands
  • No eating or drinking in area when dye is out
  • All projects must have a parking ticket with it. Leave all projects on the allocated shelf to allow others to use the table. If a project is too large or cannot be moved, contact Zach or a member of the board for approval.
  • Members must be trained on the operation of the sewing machine and scalpels
  • Please clear all non-monetary donations to the area through Zach

Leather Use

When you use leather off one of the shelves, please donate at least the suggested rates outlined below. This will help to keep the area stocked with leather. These rates are below retail value.

Veg Tan: $5.00 per square foot
Chrome Tan: $3.00 per square foot
All scrap leather: Free

Donations are accepted through Paypal, Wild Apricot, or the donation bin on the back table.


If you are looking for project ideas, feel free to browse the pattern library. It is available in the maker vault or here. Pattern Library These are also available in the Leather Area Common Folder in the Maker Vault.

Be sure to double check the size of the pattern paper some are designed to be printed on A4 paper, meaning it needs to be printed on Legal size.

List of Suppliers

Here is a list of suppliers to get you going in leatherwork. Please note that being listed here does not constitute endorsement by the area. Addresses are listed if location is confirmed open to public. If you know of more suppliers, let Zach know.

Also here is a link to a list of suppliers maintained by Reddit User FlyingMonkLeather. Monk Suppliers

Tool and Dye Suppliers

  • Fiebing
  • Tandy Leather
    • Most things you would need to do leatherwork can be bought through Tandy, including dye, kits, leather, and tools.
    • Virginia, Pam, and Rilee are all absolutely wonderful to work with. They will get you hooked up with what you need. You can also order online.
    • 5606 S 108th St, Hales Corners, WI 53130
    • 414-529-5725
  • Weaver

Leather Suppliers and Tanneries

All suppliers and tanneries listed are from the Milwaukee area

Available Tools

Coming Soon

Area Champion/ Trainer Information

Area Champion

Contact Information

Phone: Available on Training Page
Discord: Leatherworking Channel or DM

Note: Due to Zach's profession and job with the County, plans in winter must be considered tentative until about 12 hours prior. They may be cancelled for weather or other sudden events. In addition, Zach is considered “on-call” at times and may need to leave suddenly. This is not on purpose.


Kyle White

Kyle Is available for training on the leather sewing machines. His contact information is available on the training page.

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