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Andrew Jessen

I am a sci-fi geek (especially Star Trek and 90s-era TV shows), IT generalist, smart home enthusiast, girl dad, whisky lover, and tinkerer. I serve as the Vacuum Forming area champion with my co-champion Sara. Text or email me for training on the vacuum former, it is a quick training and we are getting some new equipment soon which will make it more accessible. You may also see my wife, Amanda, in the ceramics or jewelry area working on her art.

Bookshelf Stereo Computer Case

- Gutted internals of a bookshelf stereo system

- wired digital buttons to a USB joystick controller for Windows functionality

- Front panel USB and secondary air intakes installed within tape decks

- BluRay burner aligned to existing CD tray with functioning eject button

- Custom cooling solution using off-the-shelf PC components

- Replaced turntable with custom window for RGB and fan

Vintage Radio Flyer wagon restoration

- Through cleaning of 90 year old family heirloom

- Persuasion of certain components to line up again

- Retain custom label, which thankfully matches my daughter's name

- sealed original patina with multiple layers of everbrite to protect and avoid sharp edges

- replacement of broken wheels and ancient bearings with modern lightweight off-road tires

Contact Info

Area Champion/Personal Email:
Text: 1-414-678-9335
LinkedIn: Andrew M Jessen

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