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David M. Arnold
David is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a background in design and sculpture, He uses metal, wood, and digital fabrication to build studio furniture, custom cabinetry, metal fabrication and sculpture.

David received his Technical Diploma in Welding from Milwaukee Area Technical College in 2015. He also completed his Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, in May 2021.

David joined the makerspace in January 2014, Areas of interest are Casting, Welding/Fabrication, Wood Shop, CNC, 3D Printing, and the Metal Shop

David attends the weekly casting meetings on Wednesday nights at Norwich. He has had a large involvement in getting the iron casting setup with Bret Daniel and Geoffrey Vitiello.
Feel free to contact David to be trained in any of the casting equipment.

Contact Info OR Cell: 414-215-0449

Social Media: Instagram

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