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Areas and Area Champions

The Milwaukee Makerspace has defined areas for specific activities in order to provide a safe environment for the members and the equipment. Please respect the areas and equipment; using them for their intended purpose. Each of the areas has a volunteer member, who has taken on the task of managing the area for the health and safety of the members. These volunteers are our Area Champions.

Area Champion's Round Table - The meeting of Champions.
Training Classes - How to get trained on every area and tool in the building. (must be logged into Wiki to view)

Board of Directors

Training Contact Page

Areas & Champions

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Area Champions

Area Champion Resources
Appointment Procedure

  • There will be one primary champion, who will be the main point of contact for the board for their area
  • There can be an unlimited amount of support champions
  • All area champions must have a Wiki Profile which includes contact information (an email address at minimum)
  • The Primary champion must keep maintain an updated list of primary and support area champions for their area.
  • The board will approve the appointment of all primary and support champions with a simple majority
  • The board can remove primary and support champions from their role with a simple majority

Financial Responsibilities

  • Create a donation box
  • Report donation amounts - either report it on with wiki or the board or keep a clipboard log by the donation box
  • Create a budget for purchasing consumables
  • Report or record all purchases

Training Responsibilities

  • Should be able to train on the majority of tools on in their area
  • Be accessible to train at least once per month

Area Organization Responsibilities

  • The area champions will consult with operations director in area layout
  • Primary area champion will be the first line of approval for new tools entering the area
  • Small items can be approved by the primary area champion - defined as any item, less than 4 cubic feet and under 70 lbs
  • Large items require board approval
  • Primary area champion controls furniture layout and storage (not member storage) policies in their area
  • Primary area champion controls parking ticket policy in their area
  • While board members can sign tickets for all areas, they should respect stated policies of the area champion
  • Area champions can authorize 30 day parking permits for their area.
  • Primary area champion can authorize 30 day parking permits for the rest of the building.

Maintenance Responsibilities

  • All area champions are responsible for facilitating maintenance of area tools
  • Primary area champion is responsible for organizing the purchase of area consumables
  • All area champions are responsible for coordinating area clean up
  • Primary area champion must create and post a list of area maintenance and cleaning to be done on space improvement day
  • All area champions are responsible for area hack rack organization - if there is one.
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