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Welding and Plasma Cutting Lab


Jake Bissen Trains on all equipment. Specifically training on oxy/acetylene torch and belt sander. Peter Lewis trains on the Hobart Mig, Snap-on Aluminum Mig, Everlast Tig, esab plasma cutter.

Rules and Etiquette

Be Excellent to each other.

Cleanup after yourself.

Make sure ALL gas valves and equipment are turned off when you are finished OR even if you are just passing through please check that they are closed/off.

Please clean up the work bench when you are finished, give it a quick grind to remove slag and use a bench brush to sweep grit, slag and dust INTO THE GARBAGE, not onto the floor. Throw away damaged or used consumables.

Do NOT use an air gun to blow off work surfaces. Metal dust is not good for you to breath and the dust can get blown into the equipment and cause electrical failures.

Please keep plastic covers over equipment that is not being used. Uncover it while using it all of the equipment needs air flow through the case while in use.

Authorized / Signed Off Users

Approved Users List As of February 2020. If you have been trained in this area and do not see your name on this list contact Jake Bissen or Peter Lewis

Hobart MIG: Charlie Urbanek, Nick Bandarchi, Doug sykora, John Trunek, Fpunzio, Alan, Andy Amrhein, Kevin K, Tony, Bret Daniel, Kayla Turner, Crissy Harshman

Snap-On Mig: Andy Amrhein, Kevin K, Tony, Bret Daniel

Stick Welders:

Tig Welders:


Note: These photos are out of date, but both Lenox and Norwich facilities have MIG ant TIG welders. Additionally, Norwich has a spot welder.

FAQs / Howtos / Materials settings

We have no relationship with the following Youtubers But I do recommend their videos.

Jody @ weldingtipsandtricks

Justin @ The Fabrication Series

Tony @ This Old Tony

User Manuals:

Miller EconoTig

Miller Synchrowave 250 DX

Everlast Powertig 250 EX

Esab Plasma Cutter

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