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Fine Art Printing


Champion: Sylvia Brueckert
Co-Champion: Dylan Steer

Rules and Etiquette

  • First and foremost, abide by any and all MMS rules and code of conduct while using the Fine Art Printing area.
  • Clean up after yourself! This is not a personal work space. Please be respectful of others time and projects. Leaving dirty screens/equipment/tools is a hassle for everyone involved.
  • Do not train others on using this area! If you wish to step up and become a trainer please contact Sylvia Brueckert and inquire about becoming a trainer.
  • Failure to follow rules will subject individuals to temporary bans from the area and may require retraining in order to use the area/equipment again.

Approved Trainers

Authorized / Signed Off Users


FAQs / How-Tos / Materials Settings

Vinyl Cutter Operation Checklist

General FAQ:
I need to use the space for an extended amount of time, how would I let others know ahead of time so I don't end up disrupting others work time? Post to the Google Members Only groups preferably a week in advanced and communicate with the other members or post to the Area's Discord.

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