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Fine Art Printing


Champion: Sylvia Brueckert
Co-Champion: Dylan Steer


At its core printmaking is the art of transferring a medium (usually ink or dye) from one surface (e.g. a piece of wood) to another surface (e.g. a piece of paper). There are many ways this is done traditionally that all give different effects. While not every method can be done in the makerspace, we're working on creating a space for folks to either explore printmaking as an artform, or provide the tools to make their newest band t-shirt 

Rules and Etiquette

  • First and foremost, abide by any and all MMS rules and code of conduct while using the Fine Art Printing area.
  • Clean up after yourself! This is not a personal work space. Please be respectful of others time and projects. Leaving dirty screens/equipment/tools is a hassle for everyone involved.
  • Do not train others on using this area! If you wish to step up and become a trainer please contact Sylvia Brueckert and inquire about becoming a trainer.
  • Failure to follow rules will subject individuals to temporary bans from the area and may require retraining in order to use the area/equipment again.

Approved Trainers

Authorized / Signed Off Users


Note: this is very much a work in progress as we find what people want to do, what resources people use, and how the tools are best used. Please be patient as we figure this out together! In the meantime we intend to communicate changes to the training or rules either as posters and labelling in the space, or through the discord

Printmaking 101 (Norwich version) 

Space Improvement Day

The next upcoming SID can be found on MKE MMS calendars. If you wish to help the printmaking area you can check out the most recent task list: S.I.D. to do list, but the easiest is to reach out over Discord. Thanks for the help!



(Relief and Intaglio techniques)

  • Pottery slab roller - functions as an etching press
  • 4' x 6' drying rack
  • Tools for relief printmaking:
    • Brayers (rolls out ink)
    • Safe-wash inks
    • Student-grade printmaking paper
    • Glass plate for rolling out ink
    • Spacers, blankets, and cushions


(screen printing techniques)

FAQs / How-Tos / Materials Settings

Vinyl Cutter Operation Checklist

General FAQ:
I need to use the space for an extended amount of time, how would I let others know ahead of time so I don't end up disrupting others work time? Post to the Google Members Only groups preferably a week in advanced and communicate with the other members or post to the Area's Discord.

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