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Laser Lab Co-Champion

Group History

Member of the Milwaukee Makerspace since 2017

Interests & Stuff I do

I make large scale art environments out or retroreflective material, improvisational quilts that tell a story, fine art paintings and prints, stained glass, fiber arts, garments hacked together from multiple provenances. ( And a bunch of other things )

I go to and make art for Burning Man, Ingress, and other festivals, and travel whenever possible. Outside of the makerspace, I'm fascinated by organization development, cultural dynamics, and non profit management, and diversity equity and inclusion.

Make Zine Profile

SCUL pilot page - Bicycle chopper gang, and the origin of the moniker "Hapto"

Contact Info

Reach out via message board/ text phone number on Lenox facility champion board. (the internet has spiders!)

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