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Parking Permit & Ticket System


72-hour Green Parking Permits

Parking Permit

  1. Any Member can place a green parking permit on their project.
  2. A green parking permit (that is not signed by a Board Member or an Area Champion) is valid for a maximum of 24 hours (except for long materials storage, see below).
  3. Green parking permits are intended for things like gluing, paint drying or other short-term, critical project states.
  4. Projects should not receive a green parking permit unless they are in a critical stage.
  5. It is the Member's responsibility to locate their project in an out-of-the-way area.
  6. Working on a project regularly, even every day, does not mean that a Member has the right to leave their work in or on a common work space when they are not present.

2 or 4-week Green Parking Permits

  1. A green parking permit can be signed by either a Board Member or an Area Champion.
  2. An approval signature extends the amount of time a project can be left outside of private storage space.
  3. Signed green parking permits are intended for larger short-term projects.
  4. A green parking permit that is signed by a Board Member or an Area Champion is valid for a maximum of 4 weeks.
  5. It is the Member's responsibility to locate their project in an out-of-the-way area and consult with an Area Champion so as to not interfere with other people and their projects.
  6. If the Member feels they need more than 4 weeks to complete their project, they should approach the Board of Directors about renting floor space.

Long Materials Storage

  1. Any member can place materials in the long materials storage area, with a green parking permit.
  2. Green parking permits in long materials storage are valid for up to 4 weeks without an area champion or board member signature.

Up for Grabs

Up for Grabs

  1. I hereby acknowledge that this property is being contributed as a common resource under an “Up for Grabs Permit” and that other members may claim it.
  2. I confirm that this is not unwanted junk and that I believe it to be something other members will find useful.
  3. I understand that a parking ticket can be issued any time after this permit expires by the area champion or board of directors.
  4. If after 1 week from the expiration time and date listed below, I have not renewed the up for grabs permit or made a reasonable effort to store this item, it will be considered abandoned and can place it in the impound lot.
  5. After 4 weeks from the expiration time and date listed below this item will be put on the Hack Rack or disposed of by the Board of Director’s.

Red Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket

  1. Any Member can place a red parking ticket on any project or item in public space.
  2. A red parking ticket identifies a project that is taking up public space without any indication ownership or how long it will be there.
  3. Upon placing a red parking ticket on an item, the Member completing the ticket form shall also send an email, with photo attached if possible, to the Member’s Only Mailing List to notify others of the ticket.
  4. Any green parking permit shall be considered a red ticket upon its expiration.
  5. The start date of the red ticket shall be the expiration date of the green parking permit.

Impound Lot

  1. Red ticketed projects, if un-claimed within 1 week, shall be moved to an “Impound Lot.”
  2. The Impound Lot is an area specifically allocated for red ticketed projects.
  3. Any Member may move items to the Impound Lot.
  4. After 4 weeks from the issuance of the red ticket, the project shall either be disposed of or added to the Hack Rack for another Member to claim.

Impound Lot Disposal

  1. Only Board Members can remove or dispose of items in the impound lot.
  2. Items up for disposal will be given to the appropriate areas for community use first right of refusal.
  3. Remaining items will be raffled off the last weekend of the month. Impound Lot Raffle
  4. Any remaining items will be donated, recycled or thrown away as appropriate.

Member Warnings

  1. If a Member is found to be responsible for 3 or more impounded items in any 3 month period, they shall receive a public warning.
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