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Group Buys

This page is for the membership to track pledges and status for current group buys. Tools purchased through a group buy belong to the Makerspace and are not property of the contributing members. In the event that a group buy is not completed, amounts contributed may be repurposed by the Makerspace for mission-related purposes.

Please note: Some links below go to the old Google Group that Google deleted. You can visit the new Google Group and search the archives for a copy of the original message.

How to Contribute

  • Cash to champion of the group buy
  • Cash/check in dues box. Add a note with the title of the group buy, the champion, your name, and the date.
  • Wild Apricot contribution to the area running the group buy (please add 3% to cover the fees charged).
  • Makerspace's PayPal Giving account (no fees with this method - add a note with the title of the group buy and the champion)
  • After you make your contribution, update the list below with your name and the amount paid.

In Progress

Electronics Lab Pick-and-place

Champion: Bryan F 3/25/2024 There has been periodic interest in having pick and place equipment here at the space, so today I am announcing a group buy for desk top pick and place machine. Mailing list thread

One machine option: Lumen PnP Feeders

Another option: AFARCO IRON PNP

Estimated cost: $2,000 - $4,000

Name Pledged Date Received Date
Bryan F 150 3/25
Gaelan T 100 3/25
Mike T 50 3/25
Tom G 200 3/26
Tony W 200 3/26
Michael D 100 3/27
Member Total 800
Elec Lab 800
Total 1,600

Jet 1840EVS Wood Lathe

Champion: Rick M 2/23/2024

We are looking to replace the Craftsman and Powermatic lathes with a Jet 1840EVS Mailing list thread Estimated Cost: $3,060

Name Pledged Date Received Date
Thomas R 50 2/23
Erich S 100 2/23
Marc d 500 2/23 500 2/24
Mark B 50 2/23
Julie S 50 2/23 50 2/26
Willie C 100 2/24
Tony W 100 2/24 100 2/24
Izabelle V 30 2/24
Chris O 75 2/24 75 2/25
Erika P ?? 2/26
Raymond C 25 3/4
Total 1080 675

Skutt KM-818-3

Champion: Jeff Mann

A new “test” kiln for the ceramics studio

Total Cost 2450$

Name Pledged Received
Jeff M 200
Ellen F 50
Erich S 100
Dan J 50
Mike T 50 50
Tony W 50 50
Andy B 50
Hapto 50
Bill R. 100
Elizabeth 200
Hannah 150
Charlie 100 100
Mike H 100 100
Kathy L. 100. 100.
Callie 100. 100.
Total 1450 450.

Prusa XL FDM Printer

Champion: Tim Campbell

A New Massive 3D Printer. Its awesome.

Total Cost $3500

Name Pledged Received
Tim Campbell 200 200
Tony W 100 100
Mike T 100
Tate W 100

Completed Group Buys

18" Jet Bandsaw for Norwich Wood Shop

Champion: Rick M 11/1/2023

We have a chance to get a 18“ Jet bandsaw for $1500 (3HP model) that could replace one of the two (probably the powermatic) bandsaws that keep failing at Norwich. Details on the mailing list.

Total Cost $1500

Name Pledged Received
Thomas R 40 PayPal - Memo provided
Tony W 100 100 - PayPal Giving
Delia L 25
Lauren N 50 50 - memo provided
Mark B 50 50 - PayPal - Memo provided
Chris O 100 100 - Area fund donation
Kathy L 50 50 - PayPal
Dan J 50
Bill R 100 100 - PayPal - Memo provided
Daniel L 75 PayPal - No Memo
Luke B 100 Paypal - Memo provided
BC 50 50 - PayPal - Memo provided
Rick M 50 50 - PayPal Giving
Colleen A 50 50 - PayPal
Bob R 50
Sean 50 In donation box
Steve P 50 50 -PayPal Giving
Traci G 50 50 - PayPal Giving
Total 1090 965

Grizzly 20" Planer

Champion: Rick Pretsch

Good evening all,

Your woodshop champions and trainers have thought a lot about how best to make Norwich a premier woodworking facility. After evaluating numerous options, the decision was made to buy a new planer for Norwich. Previously, we had discussed buying and refurbishing an older machine. The cost in time and money to pursue this path did not provide any great advantage. With all of the other projects we are faced with, the decision was made to buy the Grizzly 20” planer listed below.

The approximate cost will be $3,100. The woodshop fund is currently at $0.00 and we have a lot of expenses looming in the next few months. Any donations large or small are greatly appreciated.

A high quality planer will go a long way in giving us the capability we want and need.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Name Pledged Received
Bill R 1600 1600
Krisann R 146.40 146.40
Joe R 400 400
Bob R 100 100
Brady V 100 100
Total 2346.40 2346.40

CNC Router

Champion: Markus S.

The machine has had its control cabinet stolen so It is essentially only the mechanics of the machine. This means it will need new motors or servo drives and a controller etc.

About the machine: It is a Thermwood 5-axis 5 foot by 10 foot CNC router. And is built solid like very few other machines. It is a fixed gantry style. Meaning the table moves in one direction. Which makes it even more rugged and makes maintenance and installing motors etc easy. The main downside is that it makes for a very large machine. During operation, it will need 8.5 feet by 20 feet of space. It has about 3 foot of Z travel so it can make pretty tall things as well. It is rigid enough that machining aluminum will be possible. image.png The Plan: Buy the cnc router along with a second that is part of the deal for $2000. Harrison will move it for us to Norwhich. He will be looking at the machines later this week and give us a firm quote. For now his best guess was 1000 but let's plan for $2000. Then I will install Teknic clearpath servo motors. They are much easier to use and tune than other servo motors. The controller is integrated with the motor, and they get hooked up to power and get controlled with step and direction like a stepper motor. Just with a lot more precision, speed and power. These are the same type of servo motor that I recently installed in Tom Gondek“s CNC router.

We would use uccnc as the software platform. It is much better than mach3 but still very easy to use. The controller and break out board can also run mach3 and mach4 if we wanted to.

Initially I would only install 3 axis operation and lock down the 4th and 5th axis. When we want to buy the extra two motors we can then use all 5 axis. With the 3 feet of z travel we can also set it up with a wood turning lathe to operate as a cnc lathe for wood turning.

The machine already comes with two vfds and a 7hp German made spindle motor. (costs about 3-5 grand new)

The total cost of the project would be $7570, maybe less depending on Harrison. Keep in mind that these machines cost more than $100 000 dollars new.

To add the 4th and 5th axis and other optional items later on it will cost an additional $3000-$4000

In addition, we would be getting a second 5 axis cnc router that is very similar but has two 5 foot by 5 foot tables. It can be taken apart for parts or turned in to a second working machine etc.

Name Pledged Received
Shane <100
Dan Grade 100 100
Markus Schneider 1000
Larry A. 100 100
Austen P. 200
Christopher Otto 150 150
Ellen Fulton 50
Krisann Rehbein 100 100
Steven Birkholz 100 100
Tony W 200 200
s_v.lindblad 500 500
Metal finishing 200
Bob Trocke 100
Neil Luebke 1000 1000
CNC Area 3000
Marc Beroukas 150 150
Royce 100 100
Dan L. 100
Richard Desjardin 150
Dough Sykora 100 100
Total 7600 2500

20" Rockwell Bandsaw for Wood Shop

Champion: Rick P.

We acquired a 20” Rockwell bandsaw for $500. We are asking members to toss in a few extra bucks to the wood shop fund to defray the cost. Our goal is to raise $250 toward this purchase.

This saw will be equipped with a wide blade capable of handling larger wood pieces. The idea is to have this saw setup for making straight cuts on larger pieces of material while the current band saw will be outfitted with a narrower blade for making radius cuts. Both machines will have appropriate limitations posted on the front cover. The current bandsaw breaks blades quite often because users are trying to cut large pieces on a narrow blade or radius cuts on a wide blade, both cases overstressing the blade. Our hope is having two machines to fit both needs will meet everyone's needs.

Name Pledged Collected
Pete P $10 $10
Total: $10 $10
To Go: $250 $250

Trench Forge - Johnson No 133

Champions: Jake Bissen + Dan Jonke

The forge area doesn't quite have the money to comfortably buy this but the price it's being offered to Dan and I is too intriguing to not see what the membership thinks.

it's a Johnson gas appliance forge No. 133. It's not in perfect condition. The Fire brick would need some work but the blower and burner should be in good condition and we have plenty of refractory and or bricks.

This is a large trench style forge very useful for long skinny projects. The most likely project I could see would be blades. Which I know everyone wants to do but not many realize how difficult of a skill it is to learn and do properly. I attached some pictures of other units. I didn't get a picture of the one being offered to us hopefully Dan J has one and he can post it. They are not common tools in fact the form factor is rather strange, I've attached a video of the smaller version. This is the only video of one I could find in operation.

Total Cost $250 for forge + $unknown repair parts

Name Pledged Received
Eric R 50 50
Benjamin E 50
Tate W 50 50
Mike T 50 50
Hapto 20 20
Alex G 50
Willie C 50
Total: $320 $120
To Go: $-70 $130

50 Ton Ironworker

Champion: Dan J

Get a Geka Minicrop for the forge area Cost: $2000

Name Pledged Collected
Forge Area Funding $500 Y
Dan J $500 Y
Pete P $25 Y
Tom Gr. $100 Y
D Buggs $100 Y
S. Thelen $100 Y
Dan G. $50 Y
Steve B. $50 N
Power Wheels Area Funding $75 Y
Matt G. $100 Y
Steve P $50 Y
Adrian V. $25 Y
Kathy C. $100 Y
Tony W $100 Y
Bret D. $50 Y
Harvey M. $20 Y
Matt B. $55 Y
Rik S. $125 Y
Erich Z. $75 Y
Total: $2200 $2000
To Go: $-200 $-150

uArm Swift Pro Robotic Arm

Champion: Pete P.

A used uArm Swift Pro with the following items: Base Board Extension, Seeed Grove Extension, Mounting Block for Seeed Grove and OpenMV, Open MV Kit, Universal Holder, 3D Printer Kit (with approx. 30g of filament included), 4th Axis with Suction Cup, Gripper, Laser Kit (laser safety glasses included) - Total needed is $520.00 - Completed on 2019-03-05

Name Pledged Collected
Pete P $75 $75
Charlie $50 $50
Larry $100 $100
Tim C. $50 $50
Jake $25 $25
Marcin $50 $50
Matt B. $50 $50
Paul S $5
Tony W $50 $50
Daniel G. $25 $25
D Buggs. $40 $40
Total Amount: $520 $465
To Go: $0 $5

Tormach 4th axis rotary table

Champion: Markus

Get a new 4th axis for the Tormach

34123 - 6“ Super Spacer Motorized Rotary Table

Cost: $1800

Google Group Discussion:!topic/membersonly-milwaukeemakerspace/AgNgAG7pKA4 (The above discussion thread is on the members only msg board, you need to be logged in to view it.)


Name Pledged With Match Collected
Shawn 1:1 $900 fund match $900 $0 remain of match Y (MMS)
Markus $300 $600 Y (MMS)
Machine Shop area funds $250 $500 Y (MMS)
Logan Mailandt $50 $100 Y (MMS)
Mat M. $20 $40 Y (MMS)
Metal Finishing $75 $150 Y (MMS)
Richard Bowman $25 $50 Y (MMS)
Tony W (see msg brd.) $100 $200 Y (MMS cash)
Steve P $50 $100 Y (MMS)
Marc Beroukas $60 $90 Y (MMS)
Total: $1830 $1680
To Go: $0 0

Woodshop 8" Spiral head Jointer

Champion: Steve P

Get new Grizzley 8” spiral head jointer

Grizzley G0490X

Cost: $1525.00 shipped Google Group Discussion:!topic/milwaukeemakerspace/1HLX1wbiuGM


Name Pledged Collected
Woodshop area funds $550 Y (MMS)
Steve P $500 $300 (MMS)
Lemondealc(new member from msg board) $100 No
Mark W. $50 No
Mat Melk $20 Y (MMS)
Jeremy Jones $50 Y (MMS)
Dillan Laughlin $50 Y (MMS)
Ben Sherman $100
Bill R $155 Y (MMS)
Anonymous $100 Y (MMS)
Total: $1575 $1325
To Go: $-150 $250

Metal Shop Gear-head Lathe

Champion: Tom K Wiki Helper: Steve P

Get a second lathe for the metal shop that has a larger capacity and more power. People would need to be signed off and make a couple projects on the smaller existing Southbend lathe.

Name Pledged Collected
Marcus Will Match up $1000
Bob K $500
Steve $100
James T $250
Marc B $100

2" button maker dies and supplies

Champion: BrantH

Supplies on their way, 2“ dies already in the cabinet in Craft Lab
New dies will work with existing button maker

Pledge Participants

Name Pledged Paid Payment Type
Brant $20 $20 Cash
Lexie $20 $20 Cash
Larry A $20 $20 Cash
Kathy H $20 $20 Cash
Karen P $5
Rick B $? $?
Individual pledges: 6
Total pledged: $85
Collected: $80
Still Owed: $5

New Electric Kiln

Champion: Jeff M

Get new Kiln Skutt KM1227-3PK

Cost: $4406

Google Group Discussion:!topic/milwaukeemakerspace/RU83b0yee8M

Name Pledged Collected
Ceramics Area Funding $400 Y (MMS)
Bay View Community Fund Grant $1000 Y (MMS)
Jeff M $1000 Y (MMS)
Pete P $25 Y (MMS)
Ben L $25 Y (MMS)
Vicky & Dillan $100 Y (MMS)
Kathy Hughett $100 Y (MMS)
Bill Reid $100 Y (MMS)
S.V. Lindblad $100
Mat M $30 Y (MMS)
Welding/fordging area $100 Y (MMS)
Machine Shop $200 Y (MMS)
MMS Board $1000 Y (MMS)
Ellen (korteco) $50 Y (MMS)
Phil Gonzales $176 Y (MMS)
Sean Derby $100 Y (MMS)
Remaining $-100.00 $0

Pan and Box Brake

Champion: Dan J

Get a 48” Pan and Box Brake for the forge area Cost: $2144

Name Pledged Collected
Forge Area Funding $1143 Y
Joe R $102 Y
Dan J $100 Y
Tom Gra $100 Y
Sam L $100 Y
William R $100 Y
Rick P $110 Y
Tony W $50 Y
Pete P $25 Y
Machine Shop Funding $150 Y
Welding Shop Funding $164 Y

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Champion: Steve P

Lets make stuff from plastic, add your pledge below…. We can make molds using the Tormach!!!

This is on an auction site no guarantees here. Note: I'v kept the naming of the machine vague here so outside prospective bidders don't stumble across it while researching it. Please do not post the make, model, or location of the machine until the auction concludes Dec 19 in the evening.

Pledge Participants

Name Pledged Paid Payment Type
Steve P $20 $20 Cash
Pete P $10 $10 PayPal to Larry
Larry A $100 $100 Cash
Harvey M $10 $10 Cash
Tom Gon $30
Evl Google $150 $150 Cash
Isaac S $20 $20 Cash
Jason M $20 $20 Cash
Tony W $40 $40 Cash
Individual pledges: 9
Total pledged: $400
Collected: $370
Still Owed: $30

Fire at Kennedy Middle School, Germantown

Organizer: Brant

Goal: None


It was determined that a fire had started in a bank of battery chargers. The fire spread to the entire stand of batteries and chargers. One school employee was taken to the hospital due to smoke inhalation suffered while using a fire extinguisher. The fire was contained to the robotics laboratory. Damage is estimated at $45,000 to $50,000. Fox6 article

Let's see if we can help get the school's Robotics Lab up and running again.


  • Bill^2 - $25 PAID
  • Keith - $25 PAID
  • Kent - $25 PAID
  • Brant - $25 PAID
  • The Handsomest Landscaper - $5 PAID
  • Lance - $20 PAID

Total: $125 - DELIVERED!

Wood Shop Air Filter Repairs

Champion: Brant

Needed Items

  • 1/6 HP, 115v motor (purchased and installed!)


  • Felisha $35
  • Brant $15
  • Dillan L. $25
  • Jack S. $20
  • Harvey $10
Unpaid List
  • Joseph R. $20
  • Vishal $25
  • Asim A. $20
  • DL $20

Current Total Pledged: $180

Current Total Paid: $85

Salvaged Leaf Battery Packs

Organizer: Pete

Goal: $256


The Milwaukee Makerspace Racing Team is buying some battery packs salvaged from a Leaf electric car. They will be used for a new vehicle for the Power Racing Series.


  • Vishal: $20
  • Wild Apricot: $181
  • From last purchase: $33
  • Pete: $10 - PAID
  • Kathy: $15 - PAID

Total: $249

Aluminum Anodizing Workstation

South Bend Digital Readout

Organizer: Steve Pilon


The South Bend lathe would be much more useful if it had a digital read out, a digital readout(DRO) measures the actual movement of the axis and then displays the information on a screen. The Bridgeport mill along with the Gorton mill already have DROs. Using DROs account for backlash and generally make it easier for beginners and advanced users to make accurate parts.


Android DRO
Chinese EBay Kit
DRO Pros
  • Referenced from Markus's comment on MMS msg board
  • Markus Schneider Proposed
  • $500-$600 Glass scales (1-3 year warranty)
  • $1000 Magnetic (6 year warranty)


  • Steve Pilon: $45 Paid
  • Markus: $300-$400
  • Tom Gralewicz: $50
  • Larry Andersen: $100 Paid
  • James Tiederman: $40
  • Tony W. :$100 Paid

Metal Shop CNC Milling Machine

Champion: Larry Andersen

We are purchasing a Tormach 770 Vertical Milling Center with automatic tool changer. It is currently being used as a demo machine in their lobby. Until we pick it up we're unsure what options will be included.

Pledge Participants

Name Pledged Paid Payment Type
Larry Andersen $5000 YES Check
Tom Gralewicz $1000 YES Check
Pete Prodoehl $50 YES PayPal
Lance Lamont $100 YES Cash
Dan Jonke $50 YES PayPal
Vishal $100 YES PayPal
Have Blue $100 YES PayPal
Brant $50 YES Drop box
Harvey $100 YES Cash
Tony W $200 YES Dwolla
Tony W (Match) $800 YES Dwolla
Joe Rodriguez $1200 YES Check
Dan Felix $300 YES Dwolla
Adam Cohen $100 YES Paypal
Steve Pilon $100 YES Dwolla
Devin $10 YES Cash
Jon H. $100 YES Cash
Adrian Volden $150 YES Drop Box
Chris Harper $300 YES Paypal
Bret Daniel $50 YES Drop Box
Rik Stardy $60 YES Cash
David Buggs $100 YES Paypal
Markus Schneider $300 YES Drop Box
Carl $20 YES Cash
Mark Rehorst $40 YES Cash
John Minderman $10 YES Cash
Jim $20 YES Cash
Dale Noll $30 YES Cash
Dillan Laughlin $100 YES Paypal
Jerry $100
Steven L. Barnicki $200
Individual pledges: $ 4,940
Matching pledges $ 5,740
Total pledges and match: $10,680
Collected: $10,440
Still Owed: $ 300

60 Watt Laser Cutter Bearings/Rebuild

Buy a selection of components to refurbish the 60 watt laser cutter: - Bearings - Rubber “wheels”

Google Group Post:

More Information: <insert link>

Goal: $252

Deadline: ASAP

Champion: Shane T./Tom Gr.

Items ordered 10/13


  • Shane T.: $25 Paid
  • Felisha: $25 Paid
  • Brant: $25 Paid
  • Adrian: $25 Paid
  • Scott S.: $25
  • Kevin K.: $5
  • Rich P.(Minion): $25
  • Lance L.: $20 Paid
  • Katherine L.: $20
  • Andrew K.: $20 Paid
  • Richard B.: $15
  • Karyn: $30 Paid
  • Keith M.: $50 - paid - check 10/14/14
  • Bill Murray $50 Paid

Current Total: $310

Current Paid: $200

Tesla Museum Brick

Goal: $350 for 1 brick, $1200 for a 4 brick array

Deadline: November 8, 2014

Champion: Vishal


  • Brant: $25 - paid
  • HaveBlue: $25 - paid
  • bob.trocke: $25 - paid
  • Vishal: $25 - paid
  • Joe Rodriguez: $25 - paid
  • Bill*2: $25 - paid
  • Lance L.: $25 - paid
  • Keith: $25 - paid
  • Shane: $25 - paid
  • Tom Gralewicz $25 - paid
  • David Buggs $25
  • Dan Jonke $25
  • Dennis Draheim $25

Total Pledges: $325

Total Pledges Paid: $250

Plastic Bending Machine

Buy a plastic bending machine for bending acrylic and other plastics

Google Group Post:!topic/membersonly-milwaukeemakerspace/z9NEl1RIRqE

More Information:

Goal: $165

Champion: Vishal


  • Vishal Rana: $25 - Paid
  • Brant Holeman: $20
  • Ellen Fulton: $20 - Paid
  • Adrian Volden: $10 - Paid
  • Isaac Salapat: $10 - Paid
  • Tami Weiss: $25 - Paid
  • DL Swanson: $20
  • Karen Pauli: $10
  • Lance Lamont: $20 - Paid
  • Cobie Howard: $15 - Paid

Total Pledges: $165

Total Pledges Collected: $80

Cartesian Co. Circuit Printer

Goal: $1599(Kit) or $2099(Assembled)

Deadline: ASAP

Champion: Deboralynn (DL)/Tom Gr.


  • Adam Cohen: $50 Paid
  • Tom Gralewicz: $200 Paid
  • Larry Andersen: $50 Paid
  • Jakob Marasch:$50
  • DL: $100 Paid
  • Keith : $100 Paid
  • David Buggs: $200 Paid
  • Dennis Draheim: $200 Paid
  • Vishal Rana: $150 Paid
  • Royce: $200 Paid
  • Jim Rawson: $130
  • Pete: $10
  • Rob Richards $50 Paid
  • Digital Dentis $20 Paid

Current Total: $1,440

Current Paid: $1300

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