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Photo Booth


none, it is lightly covered in the 101

Rules and Etiquette

keep it clean and turn off the light when done


FAQs / Howtos / Materials settings

Where are all the extra pieces kept?
- below the photo booth there is a bag with different backgrounds (white, blue, orange, black). That's all the extra pieces

There are settings?
- Yeah! both color and brightness are controlled by a pendant on the right of the box. The lights can be repositioned to meet your needs

Best settings for photos?
- I think mid afternoon works best? that's when you get strong natural lighting through the windows at Norwich and you don't have to use the lights in the light box and it just acts as a nice backdrop.

I have an idea to make it more better!
-Awesome! I am not really a photographer or for that matter good at taking photos so if you have an idea to make it better I'm all ears to help you implement it!

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