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The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all financial assets of the organization. This includes but is not restricted to:

1. keeping record of the organization’s budget,

2. the collection of membership dues from members,

3. the payment of rent and utilities for any space leased by the organization,

4. filing taxes,

5. the disbursement and reimbursement of funds authorized to be spent under the procedures detailed in these bylaws,* How to get reimbursed by the treasurer

6. and preparing financial reports to the board.

To Email the Treasurer Email


To donate towards a group buy, please follow the below instructions.
1.) Begin by clicking this link →
2.) Enter the amount you would like to donate.
3.) Select the area associated with the group buy.
4.) In the Comments section, please specify which group buy you are donating to.

Current Group Buys

Long Arm Quilter

Hello Makers!
The Board of Directors has agreed to donate $6,000.00, towards the purchase of the Long Arm Quilter!
This means the target goal of $11,995.00 has been reached. However, before Anderson and others are able to purchase the Long Arm Quilter, we must receive all of the funds that were committed to the group buy.
Please use the donation form listed above, or the Treasurer's Dropbox to deposit your donations.

If you have any questions regarding the group buy please reach out to Anderson or Hapto.

Resin Printer

The 3D Printing area is looking to purchase a resin printer.
The printer costs $650.00. Another $550.00 is being raised, to buy supporting accessories.
Currently, $530.00 have been raised.
If you would like more information about this group buy, please contact one of the 3D Area Champions.

3M Extract 6 Inch Orbital Sander

If you pledged money towards this group buy, please use the donation form or the Treasure's Dropbox to deposit your funds.


There’s been a request for QR codes that link to our area donation page — Here’s the example protocol for posterity.

You can change the “amount” to a suggested donation you choose or leave it at 10$

The “Area” should be typed exactly (remember the _underscores_) as the below list to auto populate the form for the area, and for a suggested increment (over 5$ please to cover fees and such) If your established area isn't on this list go to the link above and find it in the dropdown menu.

Generate at QR from any site that doesn’t forward you through an advertisement —

Hapto uses (settings: error correction high, and rounded design - easier to weed for stencils) and I set the ‘branding' to a screenshot with words saying what the QR code does and what its for (example below) because with the amount of QR codes around, knowing what purpose it serves is very helpful.

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