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Water Cooler Area


The Aquverse a6500 Hot/Cold Bottleless Water Cooler is the successor to the ill-fated “Self-Filling Water Cooler” built by a member former member of the Milwaukee Makerspace. Unlike its predecessor, the a6500 is capable of reaching steaming hot temperatures in the range of 75-93 Degrees Centigrade (167-200 Degrees Fahrenheit)! This means that the hot water is hot! The cold water is around 1-7 Degrees Centigrade (34-45 Degrees Fahrenheit). The filters need to be replaced after every 750 gallons of water. A system of quantitative measurement is being devised, but the best estimates seem to indicate that replacing the filter annually (in May) should be adequate.


Official Trainer


There are two parts to Water Cooler training:

  • Operation and Safety
    • Covered in an in-person, one-on-one or group training session.
  • Small Talk
    • For your convenience, a training video has been created to cover the basic tenets of small talk.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to be trained, feel free to reach out to the official Water Cooler Area Trainer (see above).

Rules and Etiquette

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