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HI! I'm Anna Kirch!

  • Member since March 2022
  • Laser and Rotary tool trainer since 2022
  • Laser Champion in-training since 2023

Activities and Interests: I like to work on my lathe at home, making pens and other smaller items. I raise native bees in my yard (leafcutters), and I like to document my experiments with making their habitats better. I also do a lot of 3D printing at home. My wife and I always have some type of project going on, whether it is on our house or on our camper, and you'll often see us in the woodshop, lasers, or welding something. I am Sr Vice of the Bay View VFW Post and do a lot of things for veterans issues and LGBT things in the community.

If you want a training from me, please send a text to 262-391-5540 (I don't pick up the phone because of spam).

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