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HI! I'm Anna Kirch!

  • Member since March 2022
  • Laser and Rotary tool trainer since 2022
  • Laser Champion since 2023

Activities and Interests: I like to work on my lathe at home, making pens and other smaller items. I raise native bees in my yard (leafcutters), and I like to document my experiments with making their habitats better. I also do a lot of 3D printing at home. My wife and I always have some type of project going on, whether it is on our house or on our camper, and you'll often see us in the woodshop, lasers, or welding something.

If you want a training from me, please send a text to 262-391-5540 (I don't pick up the phone because of spam).

I also train on the rotary tool for the ULS lasers.

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