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Bicycle Repairea


The Bicycle Repairea is intended to serve a dual purpose. Its primary function is to keep members rolling on their small personal vehicles (broadly: bikes) by providing bicycle specific tools to perform repairs and maintenance, or to build such a vehicle from parts. As a secondary function, the Repairea aims to provide a community of knowledgeable individuals (and access to tools) to help integrate bicycle components into other projects.



Bike: noun, plural noun: bikes
a vehicle composed of wheels held in a frame, often but not necessarily one behind the other, typically [propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel(s)].

This definition for the purpose of the rules is intended to be as inclusive as practicable, to encourage creativity and innovation with small personal vehicles in the Repairea.

Bicycle: noun, plural noun: bicycles
a vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel.

This definition for the purpose of the rules is intended to be narrower, to prevent damaging misuse of tools loaned to the space by members which are bicycle specific.


  1. Tools for use in the Bicycle Repairea are for bike use, that is to say on bicycles, unicycles, scooters, tricycles, quadricycles, electric bikes, as appropriate for the tool, not for unrelated projects
  2. No tool in the Bicycle Repairea may be taken outside the area without the express permission of an area champion and return of the tool immediately after use. (just use the tools in the area, there is no need to remove them)
  3. Written permission may be given by an area champion to a member to return a tool within 30 hours if to be taken off MoMI property. (this should not be a regular thing that needs to happen)
  4. All tools should be returned to their home when not in active use. A shadowboard will be used to indicate compliance for appropriate tools.
  5. Bikes, subassemblies and components may not be left unattended in or around the area without written approval of an area champion or as otherwise permitted in the rules
  6. Bicycle stands should be used appropriately for only appropriately sized bicycles, unicycles, frames, no oversize or overweight vehicles such as especially heavy electric-bikes or trikes
  7. Bicycle Stands may not be used for anything besides holding appropriate bikes per rule 6 (not as a tubing bender). Member who uses bicycle stand as a tubing bender or other obvious misuse is accountable for the cost of repair or replacement as needed
  8. Flammables such as oil-soaked rags are the responsibility of the member who soaked them and may not be left behind unless there is room in a safety bin, if provided.
  9. Bikes should not leave dirt or oil on the floor. Clean bikes with bucket and brush outside before bringing them in, lubricate sensibly without making a giant mess
  10. Leave the area 10% cleaner than you found it
  11. Small bicycle parts that are reasonably usable may be donated to the hack rack, non-exhaustive lists of items ok and to not add will be created. Area champions may amend or specify this list at any time
  12. Area champion(s) may decide to purge items at their discretion, i.e. when the hack rack is “too full”
  13. The best and/or least bulky purged items may be placed in an “up for grabs” box for one week if there is room before they are moved to garbage or recycling bins

Hack Rack suggested OK items ready for (re)use

  • Tires and Tubes in good condition, patching materials, we’ll make a separate rack overhead for these as they’re bulky.
  • Valve caps, cores,
  • Pedals, cranks, chainrings, hubs, axles
  • Seatposts, handlebars, brackets

Hack Rack discouraged items (too big or in poor condition)

  • Bent or rusty spokes (recycle these)
  • Dry-rotted tires
  • Blown-out tubes or leaking near stem (separate bin for “recycling”)
  • Whole bicycles or frames
  • Broken shifters or deraileurs
  • Torn saddles, worn or sticky handlebar grips


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