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3D Printing Lab

New to 3D Printing? Start Here!


Training occurs every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm, at 2555 S Lenox Street, Milwaukee. No prior experience is necessary, but you must have read through this wiki page before hand. Training is free, but if you want to start printing right away you will need to bring a spool of PLA filament.

Please see individual machines for authorized trainers
You must read our 3D printing quick-start guide before receiving training on our machines.
If you are already familiar with the specific models of machines we use here at the space you must still be signed off!

Rules and Etiquette

  • Replace what you use
  • If you are certain a print is failing/has failed, please stop the print to protect the printer. If there's any question about the current state of a print, take a photo and post it to the members-only
  • Replica decorative firearms are ok. If there is reasonable evidence that you are attempting to make a functional firearm, you will be indefinitely banned from the area and potentially kicked out of the Makerspace. Don't do it.
  • Machines break all the time, and usually the fix isn't too complex. If you break a machine, don't fret; post to the Members-Only or contact the area champion. However, if you know you broke a machine and don't tell anyone, the damage will be considered malicious and you may be expected to pay for the repair and/or face being suspended from the area.

Repair Policy

Going forward, repairs will be paid for in part or whole by the person who breaks the printer at the discretion of the printing area champion (me). If you email me right away letting me know you broke something, that will help set me in the right mood. I am always happier to hear from the person who did the breaking rather than discovering it myself or having someone else inform me. If the printer just isn’t printing (as in it’s clogged), that will usually fall under the umbrella of things the area pays to repair. If it’s clogged because you sliced for the wrong material, that’s on you.

Authorized / Signed Off Users

Working Machines

Retired/Non-Functional Machines

FAQs / Howtos / Materials settings

If you're totally new to all things printing, start Here!

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