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3D Printing Lab

New to 3D Printing? Start Here!


3D Printer Training occurs every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Lenox meeting room! Definitely not a requirement, but if you'd like to get the most out of the class, feel free to come with PrusaSlicer installed on your laptop and a thing you'd like to print in mind. PrusaSlicer can be downloaded here:

You must attend the training class to use the 3D printers in the space.

Rules of the 3D Printing Area

  1. Double and triple check your filament, settings, and the printer match
  2. Watch the print for the first layer or 15 min – whichever takes longer
  3. Inform Area Champions if anything goes wrong so we can fix it
  4. Label your filament – name, date, material if you plan to store at the space
  5. No manufacturing of firearms components is allowed

Other notes / FAQs

A full list of notes and helpful tips for the 3D Printing Area can be found here:

Working Machines

Retired/Non-Functional Machines

FAQs / Howtos / Materials settings

If you're totally new to all things printing, start Here!

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