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Paint and Chemical Vault

Rules and Etiquette

  • Use parking passes to tag any projects you are leaving to dry
  • Write notes on dry erase board at your discretion
  • Turn on lights and fans when using the room
  • Contact BrantH. if you have any questions


2018 Expansion

  • In March of 2018 the vault next to the Paint Room (Vault #15) was vacant and an opportunity arose to double the size of the current space.
  • A meeting was held on Wednesday, 4/25/18 to discuss proposals and ideas. 14 people attended:
    • Brant H.
    • Tim C.
    • Lyra C.
    • Tony S.
    • Kathy C.
    • Tony W.
    • Tom Grz.
    • Morgan K.W.
    • Jake B.
    • Hiram W.
    • Harvey M.
    • Steve P.
    • Kathy H.
    • Bill C.




  1. Date TBD - Provide proposal to Board for review
  2. Date TBD - Obtain Board approval to proceed
  3. Date TBD - Clear out Vault 15 and remove remaining wood shelf parts from wall
  4. Date TBD - Relocate shelving and paints from Vault 16 to 15
  5. Date TBD - Cut new air grille into Vault 15 door
  6. Date TBD - Relocate air hose and regulator out from under wall fan in Vault 16
  7. Date TBD - Remove existing filter and framing from sidewall fan in Vault 16
  8. Date TBD - Build diagonal metal frame filter wall at sidewall fan in Vault 16
  9. Date TBD - Install blanking panel(s) or baffles at fan
  10. Date TBD - Cover filter wall with wire mesh and roll filter mesh
  11. Date TBD - Saw cut opening in wall between vaults
  12. Date TBD - Install temporary jack posts for spancrete ceilings?
  13. Date TBD - Demolish 1/2 depth portion above opening for new lintel/steel channels
  14. Date TBD - Install first lintel/steel channel
  15. Date TBD - Demolish remaining 1/2 depth portion on other side of wall
  16. Date TBD - Install second lintel/steel channel and secure channels together
  17. Date TBD - Demolish block from new opening
  18. Date TBD - Clean/deburr inside edges of new opening
  19. Date TBD - Complete relocation of tables/equipment as needed
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