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Be Excellent to the 'Space

These are projects that need to be done around the space for the benefit of the space. If you want to help out on a project dig right in, if you need guidance ask a board member, if you want help with a project post to the group and see who wants to help.

Once you start working on a project put your name after it. Once you finish a project move it down to the finished list so people know who to thank.

Current To Do List

Punch List for Saturday, December 17th 2022

  1. First thing - Vacuum meeting room so that the dust can settle before we do the second thing.
  2. Second thing - Mop Cafe floor and Sanitize cafe tables and meeting room tables using bleach or vinegar water. These need to be done before the food or any snacks are set up.
  3. Vacuum the carpeted areas.
  4. Clean out the Toaster, Toaster Oven, and Microwave.
  5. SUPER IMPORTANT: Clean out the ceiling ventilation filter in the Woodshop.
  6. put items on pallet in East room on hack racks or up for grabs
  7. focus on cleaning up hack racks near impound lot
  8. left over MakerFair items go to deep storage (Hapto?)
  9. More work needed on the compressed air dryer (See Markus or Tom G.)
  10. Drain the compressor hoses
  11. Scrub the sinks in the mud room.
  12. Clear off stuff of little usefulness from Up For Grabs Table.(Geoff L. has been doing this.)
  13. Areas that need TLC this Month:???? Meeting room carpet! Meeting room carpet! Meeting room carpet!
  14. If the grill is used during SID assign someone to clean it at the end of the day.(See instructions below)
  15. Monthly life-safety inspections checklist (and update the page here)← The highlighted pdf. is found here as well.(Joe Tomich)
  16. Check and restock first-aid kits, (and update the page here)
  17. Parking Ticket MMS projects in East Room.
  18. Red ticket abandoned projects in East Room.
  19. Check paper towel stock
  20. Check soap dispensers for bacterial growth, clean them with bleach water if necessary, and fill them with soap solution.
  21. Sort through tall storage
  22. Make sure parking permit/ticket holders are sufficiently stocked. See IT Tony or Kathy H. for more permits/tickets.
  23. Clean out vacuum cleaner filters
  24. Clean the Cafe area at the end of the day after the feast. (Perfect job for a late comer.)
  25. Laser cut small signs for the cafe' cabinets. (Steve P.)(Kathy H. needs to provide a list of the signs needed.)
  26. Inventory storage, find lapsed storage still in use (Ongoing for Facilities Director)

See if any of the following need replacing

  1. Replace wash sink water filters (and update the page here)
  2. Replace furnace filters if needed (and update the page here)
  3. Replace wood shop air filters (ongoing)
  4. Go through all the space carts and check for damaged wheels and the like. Look at replacement tires/wheels and mark as damaged
  5. Reorganize the Electrical Engineering cart in the Vault Hallway.(Mike T.)

Standing To-Do/Space Improvement Day Items


  1. Replace burned out bulbs
  2. Wash off meeting room tables
  3. Vacuum carpeted areas
  4. Organize Hack Racks
  5. Sweep Hallways
  6. Clean bathrooms
  7. Inventory member storage against a printout of the wiki, then crosscheck that with active member list (Board member needed for this) so we can clear off empty spaces.
  8. Clean out Refrigerator and remove living biological experiments at Lenox and Norwich.

Quick and/or Easy Tasks


  1. Organize hand Tools
  2. Empty vacuum cleaners and clean the filter
  3. Clean table surfaces
  4. Coil up loose cables and hoses
  5. Use the push sweeper in the east and west room
  6. Replace paper towel rolls
  7. Collect measuring tapes from around the space and put them back
  8. Check parking permits for expiration and write “Ticket” on the ones that are expired
  9. Add parking tickets to obviously out-of-place items
  10. Move items/carts/tables out of aisles
  11. Make sure the emergency phones are plugged in, charging, and operational


  1. Several pages on our website receive an relatively large amount of traffic, but are not updated
    1. Update photos HERE with new ones already taken and on Makervault
    2. Take photos from existing blog posts, and add them to the gallery here HERE
  2. Make a blog post about your recent project!
  1. Move vacuum former to Lenox


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