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I am the Leatherwork Area Champion. I have been a member since August 2023. I can typically be found either in the East Room at Lenox, or the Ham Radio Area at Norwich.

Extended Bio

Zach has been doing leatherwork for the past 15 years, and teaching for the past 11. Zach has had 1,600 students pass through his basics of leatherwork course with students ranging in age from 11 to 60. His passion is tooling, but is skilled in the arts of hand stitching, and braiding.

Professionally, Zach is an Airport Operations Supervisor where he oversees the safe, secure, legal, and efficient operation of the largest airport in Wisconsin. He also has a Masters of Public Administration and completed course work in management of non-profit organizations. Zach is a licensed ham radio operator and is interested in getting involved in that area. While new to Milwaukee, he is eager to bring his passion and skills to the Milwaukee Makerspace.

Note: Due to nature of position, Zach has periods where he is on call. Arrangements might be canceled at the last minutes so he can respond to or handle something. This is not on purpose nor pre-planned.

Project Photos

Coming Soon!

Contact Information

Find me on the Discord or on the Training page!
Social Media: LinkedIn Instagram

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