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Stained Glass Area

The stained glass area is located at the Lenox location.


Bill Coon, Bobby Coon, Tim Erdmann, Kathy Adsit

Classes Available

Stained Glass beginner's class meets on Tuesdays at Lennox, 7:30 PM. Just show up!

There are two beginner projects required under the guidance of the champions before full use of the space, come to the meetings and we'll go over these with you! For the first class, there's no tools or materials required, wear close-toed shoes. We have safety glasses, but if you're particular, bring your own if you'd like.


We'll update this with local shops that sell materials as we find them!

Equipment List

We have Glass grinders, a ring saw, many hand tools, a table foiler, large 4×8 work tables, soldering irons, light table and other tools.


We have glass, copper foil, solders and wires.

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