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Metal Finishing


Area Champions:

Stefan Bacon (co-champion)

Additional trainers:

Grinding and buffing:
  Welding and Forge (co)champions
Abrasive blasting:
  Preston Edmonds
Powder Coating:

Rules and Etiquette

Eye and lung protection are strongly recommended while using and especially while cleaning metal finishing areas

Powder coating:

The next person should not be able to tell what color you were using
Cleaning priority is the gun, as it is the most ready source of contamination, but clean the whole booth

Abrasive blasting:

Training on one blasting cabinet does not constitute training on both cabinets. They operate very differently.
Don't blast holes in the gloves (set your part down, don't hold it while blasting)
Don't blast the window directly or indirectly
Leave the area cleaner than you found it
Empty the dust bag BEFORE it gets heavy
Don't block electrical panels
If you remove a fixture from the cabinet, (grate, mesh basket, etc) put it back when you're done
If you add broken glass to either cabinet, clean it out completely before walking away. No one needs to get cut because you wanted to use your special media. Failure to clean up coarse crushed glass media is ban-able.

Authorized / Signed Off Users


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