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Steel Tigerlillies

Women*-led sculpture gang

What we are proud of:

  • We have trained up over 55 members into the welding area in less than a year.
  • We have made 5-6 sculptures with 90% of people who have started with almost no welding, art or fabrication experience.
  • We make sculptures in scale or scope that is more than what any one of us can accomplish alone.
  • We are currently submitting proposals for additional projects.
  • We are lifting up women and minorities in the space into leadership roles. At time of writing there is an unprecedented 4 women on our Board of Directors.


*Those who use she/her pronouns at least some of the time: including cis women, trans women, binbinaryish pals, gay men who do drag – we aren't asking – at some point the roster will open up to all genders and this change will be announced, when we are ready to do so.)

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