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Glossary of Terms



Noun; an inexpensive and relatively simple to use microcontroller marketed to hobbyists, students, and programmers.
See also: Arduino Introduction Page


Noun; a hobby or minor occupation.


"Building 34" or just "34"

Noun; the first leased space occupied by Milwaukee Makerspace in the Chase Commerce Center. Sometimes used by early members as a lucky number or acknowledgment of the group's history and beginnings.



Acronym; computer numerical control. A way computers and programming can be used to automate tools and devices in the physical world.


Adjective or verb; finished, ended, to the greatest extent or degree, total, having all necessary parts. Lance and other Board Members have said that group projects are not “complete” until two requirements are met:

  1. At least two members are able to train others to use it
  2. Documentation added to the wiki



Noun; an organizational structure in which people are encouraged to set goals and accomplish tasks on their own, rather than leaders assigning tasks or roles to a particular person or group. Individuals are “free” to do tasks that they feel they should be done and minimal supervision or permission is required. The success or failure of a particular project is linked directly to the efforts of the people who do the things.
See also:





hack rack

Noun; a collection of devices, scrap materials, appliances or parts available for free to current members for their use. Most hack rack items are either donated by members or guests. Common items include AC and DC wall packs (wall warts), computer power supplies, webcams, LCD monitors, computer keyboards, industrial push buttons and switches, ink jet printers, AM/FM radios, VCRs, transformers, network hubs and routers, caster wheels, tires, project enclosures, lamps, relays, circuit boards, and more.
See also: Hack Rack


Noun; a person who modifies, manipulates, alters, repurposes something to accomplish a different goal than what was originally intended. This is typically associated with electronics, computers, software, or hardware.






Noun; Krambo Food Stores circa 1962. The original tenant of our building at 2555 S. Lenox Street.
See also: Building Info: Krambo Food Stores




Noun; simply put, a person who makes things. Used interchangeably with member sometimes.


Noun; a place or group where people share interests related to creation, fabrication, repair, modification or tinkering. Lots of better definitions exist, see also:

Maker's Village

Noun; a.k.a. Norwich and the group who manages the building there. Milwaukee Makerspace is one tenant of the Maker's Village along with several other artists and tenants.


Noun; Milwaukee Makerspace Investment Group. A limited liability corporation (LLC) that was formed on September 18, 2012 for the purpose of purchasing and managing the building Milwaukee Makerspace resides in. The group is comprised of both members and non-members who have invested money in the property and collect mortgage payments from MoMI. Contact the Board of Directors for more information.


Noun; an often used, but informal (not legally recognized) acronym for Milwaukee Makerspace.


Noun; Makerspace of Milwaukee, Inc. A non-stock incorporated entity operating in the State of Wisconsin since December 21, 2012. When Milwaukee Makerspace changed its governance to utilize a Board of Directors, papers were filed with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. The paperwork included two choices for organization names: “Milwaukee Makerspace, Inc.” and “Makerspace of Milwaukee, Inc.” The latter was assigned to us by the state because at the time of the application someone was still using the former. And that someone was actually us. Former President Royce P.'s name was attached to the first choice name so when Then-Current President Brant H. requested it on the new application, the state identified it as already claimed by someone else. As a result, we were given our second name choice. Rather than go through more red tape, the group simply left it as MoMI. Milwaukee Makerspace, LLC. was originally registered on September 29, 2009 and allowed to dissolve on September 9, 2014 (we chose not to renew it in 2013). Contact the Board of Directors for more information.

maker filth

Something that we dealt with at the last building because of its age and condition.



Noun, the street the Maker's Village is located on. Also sometimes used interchangably with Maker's Village.



professional liability insurance

Noun; insurance retained by people who are “professionals” and get compensated for their instruction or services. This has been a hot button topic for people who want to give classes in our group. Milwaukee Makerspace's insurance policy excludes this coverage. Ask the Board of Directors for more information on this topic.


QR code

Noun; a quick-response (QR) code is a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode that can be scanned by cameraphones. They look like this barcodeDon't have barcode reader? Click here.


Raspberry Pi

Noun; a credit card-sized computer capable of supporting various distributions of Linux. Often used in place of a full PC in electronics projects. Also supports many audio and video applications.
See also: Raspberry Pi FAQs



Noun; short for Space Improvement Day

skill collector

Noun or adjective; a person who enjoys learning many different skills, techniques, trades or crafts. May also self-identify as a “jack of all trades”

space agnostic

Adjective or adverb; 1) something that is designed with no specific location in mind; 2) something that has no requirements precluding it from being moved or relocated i.e. power, water, air, unusual dimensions, etc.

sweat equity

Noun; any contribution to a project in the form of time or effort rather than money. Especially applies to group and collaborative projects.




Noun; short for Un Finished Object



Verb; when someone politely suggests that you volunteer for a task
Verb; when someone volunteers you for a task without your knowledge





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