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The Milwaukee Makerspace Casting area is set up to cast Aluminum and Bronze for small-scale projects.
Training is required for safe operation and use of the equipment.


Bret Daniel - Area Champion
David M. Arnold - Co-Champion
Geoffrey Vitiello

To be trained on furnace operation or to learn how to make a mold for casting, stop by the Norwich site on Wednesday nights from 5-7PM to learn more. Updates and changes will be posted to the members-only google group.

Rules and Etiquette

  • Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) MUST be donned to participate in pouring operations
  • Do not get hurt
  • Do not burn the building down
  • Clean up after use
  • If any tool is not working STOP and seek assistance
  • Make awesome stuff

Note: For post-casting Aluminum metal work, please provide your own consumables (Sanding Disks, grinding wheels, etc.) or consult with the metal shop champion for direction.

Authorized / Signed Off Users

Tools n stuff

  • Crucible - Used as a “pot” to melt the metal in the furnace * See list of Crucibles available for use.
  • Tongs - Used to handle the crucible in and out of the furnace * See list of Tongs available for use.
  • 030050-s116h.jpg Shank - used for pouring the metal * See list of Shanks available for use.
  • ladle20230104_190721.jpgLadles - used for pouring the Cast Iron * See list of Ladles available for use.
  • burnoutkiln2.jpgBurnout Kiln Burnout Kiln used for Vitraphying Ceramic Shell, reclaiming wax and evacuating Investment molds. *r2v2_20220917_135441.jpgCupola Furnace R2V2 - Iron Casting Furnace

FAQs / Howtos / Projects / Materials settings



Some additional resources to learn about the process
*Hot Metal: A Complete Guide to the Metal Casting of Sculpture

Chuck Kraus's Foundry Manual: foundry_handbook_final-chuck_s_manual.restored.opt.pdf

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