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Tour Talking Points

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Entry Way


Sign the waiver and promise not to touch things.

What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a community of people that like to make stuff and a building where they meet to create. While the buildings are full of useful tools they are worth nothing without the people that know how to use them and are willing to share that knowledge The building is broken up into spilized areas; laser lab, craft lab, 3D printers, wood shop, pottery, etc.

Makerspace History

Started in Tom’s Garage Mostly as a electric car club Got our first location on Chase Ave and grew to 40ish members Moved into this building in 2011

Member Run

The makerspace has NO employees. If a toilet is clogged a member unclogs it If a area needs vacuuming a member does it Members volunteer as “Area Champions” to take charge of an area and train members on tool use A small Board of Directors volunteers to meet monthly to help guide the direction of the organization and keep the bills paid.

Member Dues

Members pay $40/month for individual membership with Family membership for an extra $10 per family member Dues pay for building expenses A small portion of the dues paid get allocated to the area of the members choice to provide a small budget for the Area champion to spend in their area.

Metal Shop

Donation Boxes

Every area has a donation box If you run a business with widgets you make at the makerspace we ask that you give %5 of your profits to a donation box in the areas you use Your member dues are the minimum required contribution to the space if you don’t have extra money think about donation your time


Hack Racks

Every area has a “Hack Rack” Place for your scrap material that might be useful to another maker Materials on the hack rack are available for use in your projects. Give and Take, if you give something take something off of equal size.

Be Excellent Rule

Every interaction in the makerspace should be informed by the Be Excellent Rule Not be OK. Be excellent to your fellow members when talking with or about them. When using the Hack Rack would it be excellent to put some money in the donation box? Would it be excellent to offer a class to members?

3D Printers

Classes and Training

There are several classes that happen weekly Some are area champions doing training in there area some are just members offering a one off class Training is determined by the area champion


Some Building History Krambo grocery store Check out isles where vaults are Parking lot was where McDonalds is Data Center Raised floor with racks of servers everywhere Most server farms moved off shore

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