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Hello! I'm a serious hobbyist for art making. My core background has been with visual arts: drawing, printmaking, painting. In MMS I have been very active in the ceramic area with a focus on handbuilding (slab) and glaze chemistry for functional work. But I also have some experience in sculpture and throwing. If you have questions feel free to reach out over the pottery/MMS discord

I have also started as co-champion in printmaking recently. I have dabbled in a wide variety of printing methods with a focus on low-cost & low-toxicity approaches including options for intaglio (etching and aquatint - think e.g. Rembrandt) and to less success lithography (“kitchen” litho and wood lithography). If you're curious about the materials or methods feel free to reach out, preferably over discord (Dylan S), though if I'm available I can answer questions in person too (guy - probably covered in clay - with long dyed hair and beard)

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