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Brant Holeman

Group History

January 2010, My first meeting with Milwaukee Makerspace
November 2010, Founding Member
October 2011 - October 2012, Secretary
October 2012 - November 2012, Operations Director
November 2012 - October 2014, President
October 2014 - January 2015, Secretary
May 2015 - Present, Laser Cutter Trainer, Hack Rack Area Champion, Paint Room Area Champion


I grew up in New Port Richey, FL and attended the University of South Florida in Tampa where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation I moved to Milwaukee for work and a relationship. (Yes, I know what snow is and yet I still chose to move here.) I found Makerspace in January 2010 after seeing a poster in the back of American Science & Surplus. By day I work as an HVAC designer (CAD drafting, boilers, chillers, fans, ducts, pumps, pipes, etc.) and by night I'm usually at Makerspace or tinkering with something at home. My interests include almost everything: electronics, mechanisms, learning how things work, gadgets, science fiction and fantasy, and cartoons.

Contact Info


Giving tours of the building - 100+ tours given over 3 years
Orientation Classes - 6+ classes given
Laser Cutter (60 watt) - 100+ hours use, partial owner
Laser Cutter (50 watt) - 100+ hours use
Vinyl cutter - 50+ hours use
CNC Engraving/Etching Machine - 10+ hours use
Electric Forklift - 5+ hours use
Saleae USB Logic Analyzer - 2+ hours use
AutoCAD - Excellent
Revit - Excellent
SketchUp - Fair
CorelDraw - Excellent
CamBam - Fair to Decent
Mach3 - Good, but it's been awhile
Inkscape - Very little experience
Motors/Fans/Pumps - Excellent
Residential/Commercial HVAC - Excellent
Household Wiring/Electrical - Excellent
Plumbing - Excellent
Thru-Hole Soldering - Excellent
Surface-Mount Soldering - Not yet attempted
PCB Etching - Decent
Sewing Machines - Fair to Poor
Pottery wheel/kiln - Not yet attempted

Favorite Areas/Tools


Works In Progress

Christmas Blinkies
imag1682.jpg Score Board Clock
No image Vacuum Fluorescent Display Desk Clock #2
bmh-rov.jpg Underground ROV
No image Mechanical counter
No image DIY Nail Wall


Laser Cutter Exhaust Filter Pressure Drop Monitor
2017 Power Wheels Maker Faire Awards
Roll Holder for Plastic Film Sheets
Laser Cutter Hour Meter
Dust Particle Counter
regdesk01.jpg Lane Ready Lights - Con Registers
No image Auto-Off Timed Outlets
bmh-johnny5.jpg Johnny 5 robot model
2015 Ventilation Projects
Bull Terrier Mask
Custom Jurassic Park Signs
Laser-etched Mason Jars
No image Capacitive Touch Light Box
60-watt Laser Cutter Work Mirror
50-watt Laser Cutter Tool Rack
Fabric Scissors Cabinet
Magic Mirror Theater Prop #2
Lenox: Laser Cutter Exhaust V5.1
Bird Ornaments
Locker Labels
Fox Mask
Door 3 Mag Lock
Vinyl Cutter Donation Box
Buttons & Pins Share Board
Milwaukee Makerspace Scale Model
Vacuum Fluorescent Display Desk Clock #1
Lenox: Laser Cutter Exhaust V5.0
Cyborg Penguin Upgrade
Milwaukee Makerspace Lighting Controller
Magic Mirror Theater Prop
Exterior Ashtray
Consumables Super Analog Status Board
No image Cubicle Name Signs
Frame for Gradient Test Tile Sample
Air Assist Reminder Sign
New Hack Rack Shelving
Logic Chip 24-Hour Clock
Lenox: CCTV System
Iron Man Arc Reactor
Magazine Rack for Parking Passes/Tickets
Tea Box Radio
Chase: Air Conditioner Drain Leak Detector
Pacific Rim-Themed Fan Projects
Casting Furnace
Tie Pin (Learn to Solder Kit)
Holiday Ornaments
Chase: Hardware Reorganization Project of 2012
Parade Float: Arduino
Chase: Laser Cutter Exhaust V1.0
Chase: CCTV System
Chase: Golf Cart Repairs
DIY Thread Gauge
Chase & Lenox: Doorbells
Chase & Lenox: Dues Drop Box
Safety Lock-Out Tags

On Hold



Some favorite links


Hackery & Electronics


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