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Exterior Ashtray RETIRED


Before: 0523141537a.jpg After: 0523141747b.jpg
RETIRED Fall 2018 due to lack of cleaning/emptying out by members


  • Ash bin is removable to allow for cleaning
  • Hole at bottom allows water to drain out
  • Wire screen keeps sand/rocks from washing out hole

Bill of Materials

  1. Portion of 8“ dia. Schedule 40, black steel pipe
  2. Portion of unistrut framing
  3. 3/8”-16 carriage bolt and nut
  4. Kodak lamp dome/reflector housing for ash bin
  5. Concrete push anchor screws and nuts

All materials sourced from junk/stock


  1. Grind edges of pipe
  2. Drill holes in pipe
  3. Weld unistrut to pipe
  4. Drill holes in exterior block wall
  5. Install anchors
  6. Secure pipe to wall
  7. Secure ash bin in pipe
  8. Add mesh screen at bottom of bin
  9. Fill will rocks and sand

All steps completed on Friday, 5/23/14.

Makerspace Members

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