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Score Board Clock


  • Scrapped locker room clock display from Bradley Center renovation
  • Includes 4“ high 7-segment LED modules
  • Missing microcontroller and clock signal
  • Replaced with Arduino Uno to work 8-bit latched drivers

Current Status

  • Put on hold in April 2012 because I thought the segments were fried
  • Picked back up in May 2013 when I realized I had been powering it wrong (Thanks Tom!)

Project Members


2011/03/05 - Found on Hack Rack
2011/04/16 - Initial testing
2011/05/14 - Displays numerals and counts up
No image 2011/07/15 - Flashes colon
No image 2011/07/27 - Add minutes/hours with pushbuttons
2012/01/28 - CNC-cut plastic clock faces
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