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#22: Crucible Furnace



Custom built by Bret Daniel at Milwaukee Makerspace


Crucible furnace - Designed to hold a #16 size crucible (16lbs of Aluminum) Aluminum takes aprrox 30-45 minutes to achieve temperature, Bronze takes a bit longer. In terms of volume, the #16 is about the same volume/size as a human head.
This furance is currently set up for Natural Gas, but can also use propane, waste oil, and/or diesel fuel
Approximately 2200 deg F max temp

It is possible to fit a #20 crucible. Please refer to David Arnold if you would like to cast up to 20# of Aluminum or 60# of bronze.

Current Status



Current: Casting Area, SouthEast Casting area, Norwich
Previuos: Casting Area, West Room, Lenox
Previous: Casting Area, Vehicle Bay, Chase

On lend from


04/04/12 - Successful test of burner and blower fan
09/01/12 - Furnace complete
11/08/12 - First aluminum casting pour
12/31/12 - Moved to Lenox


See project page for construction Casting Furnace
Blog posts: June 28, 2012 build update

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