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Sodium Silicate Resin is a two-part system that requires accurate measuring when performing the chemistry.

At the space, we measure our chemistry by weight, not volume.

to get an idea of how this is determined is to base a ratio off of 100 lbs of sand. If using 4% chemistry, for every 100 lbs of sand (two bags) you use 4% binder (Sil-bind) which would be 4 lbs, the catalyst(CAT-70) is 10% of the binder so it would be .4 lbs (or 6.4 oz). Do not change the ratio. Adding more catalyst to binder does not increase the speed.

Commonly 4% chemistry is used because it sets hard within a few hours. I have found that when using 4%, the sand tends to stick to the pattern aggressively. Using 3% chemistry is recommended.

If you do not want to worry about the math you can always refer to these charts. Mixing 50# incriments is recommended if you are unsure of the amount of sand you need.

Note: (LxWxH)/17.28 = Amount of pounds of sand needed *cubic inches

3% Chemistry (Recommended)

# of Sand Binder Catalyst
12.5 6 oz .6 oz
25 12oz 1.2oz
30 14.4oz 1.44oz
50 1# 8oz 2.4oz
75 2# 4oz 3.6oz
100 3# 4.8oz
150 4# 8oz 7.2oz

4% Chemistry

# of Sand Binder Catalyst
12.5 8 oz .08 oz
25 1# 1.6oz
30 1# 3.2oz 1.92oz
50 2# 3.2oz
75 3# 4.8oz
100 4# 6.4oz
150 6# 9.6oz
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