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Casting PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Proper PPE is required at all times when performing casting operations.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • PMA Positive Mental Attitude

Layer teh following PPE to conform to “waterfall/Roof-shingle“ model - The concept is that if the metal rains from the sky, your PPE should be layered to shed the metal so that it does not penetrate the PPE and cause injury.
You can never wear too much cow

Item Description Example
Helmet Plastic (Standard HardHat), carbon fiber or subtable substitute
Face Shield can be metal screen or polycarbonate
Welding Jacket Leather - 1pc is recommended
2pc jackets (detachable top) are ok.
Full front covering smocks are ok too
Welding gloves Leather, 16” or 18“
Leg Coverings Leather Welding Chaps or pants
Spats Spats are for covering chins and the top of boots.
Excellent if your boots have laces or no leather covers
Also add protection for bumping into tools on the foundry floor
Boots Rubber soles, leather uppers, No nylon
Respirator Optional The casting process will create smoke and other potential respiratory challenges. Wear a respirator or K95 if you feel the need
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