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Mixing Resin Bonded Sand for Scratch Blocks

See Mixing Sil-Bind Resin Bonded Sand

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When mixing it is important not to cross-contaminate the original containers by allowing any of the catalyst to touch the resin. Any cross-contamination could lead to ruining the entire container of resin.
Sand - The sand should be washed, dried and filtered to 80# or 100# mesh for the best results. Sand can be purchased in 25lb or 50lb ready to go.

Bucket Method

Equally divide 50lb of sand into 2 5gal buckets
Prepare a dropcloth (paper) and weigh out the required amount of Resin

- Make a valley/pit in each sand bucket and slow add half of the measured resin to each

- Mix each bucket for about 3-4 minutes, then transfer material to an empty bucket. perform this task 3 times for each bucket to ensure the sand is fully mixed. At the end, both buckets can be combined

Proceed to pack the sand into your mold and allow to set for 24 hours before demoulding

- Then pour!

Cement Mixer Method

Pictures to be added

1. Examine mixer to ensure it has been cleaned out form previous mixing operations. If unsure, contact an area champion to assist
2. Weigh out and add the sand to the mixer
3. Weigh out the required amount of resin and Catalyst for the amount of sand you are using.
4. Add in Iron balls to assist in the mixing process.
5. Turn on the mixer and slowly add the resin to the sand and allow to mix for 3-5 minutes.
6. Slowly add the catalyst and continue mixing for 4-5 minutes to ensure sand is fully mixed
7. Tip sand into a bucket on to a clean floor to use in the mold.
8. When complete, remove as much sand from the mixer as possible (clean up)

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