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With Iron Casting, crucibles are not able to be used due to the tempature limitations. Crucibles are rated to about 2300° F and Cast Iron can reach up to tempatures of 3000° F in high production Foundries.

Ladels are commonly be made out rammable or cast refractory. Fiber ladles are very lightweight and made from injection molded Ceramic Fiber. Some are impregnated with stainless wire to extend the life. Homemade Fiber ladles can be Some are made from of a combination of Ceramic Fiber, Ceramic Shell Slurry/Coilda Silica, and fiberglass. Although Fiber Ladels have the benefit of being very lightweight, they do not last more than about 20 taps and have to be changed out.

- ladles have been Vitrafied in February of 2023

- Relined AI, AII, AIII after City nocked them over when digging for ground water in the pour floor. Incident happened before June 28th, 2023

Below are the current Ladels that have been made for iron casting:

Name Type Refractory Condition Date recorded Photo
AI Two Man Nock Rammable Used on 500# Test Run , Vitrafied 9-9 20230104_190725.jpg
AII Two Man Nock Rammable Never used, Burned-in with blower on 500# test run but never used, 9-9
AIII Two Man Nock Rammable Never Used, Vitrafied 2-23
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