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Type # Designated Metal Condition Owner Link to Source Image
Silicon Carbide 16 Aluminum Good Bret 20230329_184020.jpg
A“ Shaped Carbon Bonded Silicon Carbide 20 Aluminum Good Dave crucibleda20.jpg
A” Shaped Carbon Bonded Silicon Carbide 20 Bronze Fair Dave 20230330_230143.jpg
Fire Clay 10 Copper Bad - Do not Use ? 20230322_203528.jpg
Graphite 10 Copper Mint MMS 20230330_224441.jpg
Graphite 80? Aluminum Bad Dan Dricken
Silicon Carbide 16 Aluminum Bad - Trashed Bret
Fire Clay 16 Brass Fair - messy (glass and coke fused MMS 20230329_183617.jpg
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