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Sculpture Trails Recipes:

Parting Sand -90# Fire Clay -10# Bentonite -100# Fine Sand -100# Coarse Sand (*Gerry disagreed over Facebook that it is actually #100 Coarse Sand but when I took note at Trails, the recipe on the wall it was listed as #50

-Motor Oil to taste (about 3 gallons when using #50 of coarse Sand)

Bot Mix #100 Fine Sand #100 Coarse Sand #90 Fire Clay #10 Bentonite Water to taste

1/2 mix #50 Coarse Sand #50 Fine Sand #45 Fire Clay #5 Bentonite

1/4 Mix #50 Sand #22.5 Fire Clay #2.5 Bentonite

To make gasket just add more water

Julius Shmidt Oil Clay:

Plasticine recipe for 20# Microcystilline wax 5# 30w Motor Oil 2.5# Axel Grease .5# Clay 12#

Due to the toxins & carcinogens in motor oil and axel grease here is the reccomend substitutions:

Non-toxic Oil Clay: Plasticine recipe for 20# Microcystilline wax 5# 30w Mineral Oil 2.5# Petroleum Jelly.5# Clay 12#

This Mix works well when heated and can be carved at room temperature. Use the Easy bake oven at 115° F

Green Sand Recipe 1: Bentonite 9# 100# Fine Sand Add Water to taste

Green Sand Recipe 2: 1# Wood Flour 9# Bentonite 100# Fine Sand Add water to taste

Petrobond Sand / Oil Sand:

5# Petrobond Clay 100# Fine Sand 3 quarts Non-Detergent Motor Oil ( 30w Mineral oil substitution advised by Wayne Potratz)

Notes from Bob Rodgers from The Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis Tennessee (May 1, 2023) “Our recipe is generally 5% petrobond to sand, and about 3 quarts of oil per 100# of sand. We are still experimenting. FYI, finer sand need a bit more clay and oil to work well. using a 150 mesh sand, I believe we use 6-7% petrobond and sneak up on the oil - we'll spend up to 2 hours mulling a fresh batch. If you have good strength, but it's 'sticky', it sounds like too much clay and oil, or at least oil. You need to have a proper muller to improve it. I might start with just some sand (max maybe 10% of total), mull it until it warms a bit and see how that works. If not satisfactory, add a small amount of petrobond and remull. A little 'sticky' is much better than brittle and weak. Good luck!

Oh, and after mulling a fresh batch, we normally leave it in the muller for a day because it often 'dries out' as the oil is further absorbed in the sand. So that what feels good today, seems dry and crumbly tomorrow.”

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