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Member Cart Storage

  • Carts are tagged with the letter K and then the member's initials
  • Refer to the member cart policy page for requirements to build your own cart
  • Members are welcome to update this wiki page as needed
  • Version control will be used to review changes as needed
Tag Member Description Does it fit under pallet racks?
KBH B.Haos Flatbed dolly Yes
KRD R.Digate ? Yes, PA105
KAV A.Volden ? Yes, PA
KLA L.Andersen ? Yes, PA103
KBN B.Nelson Eric Berna's old cart Yes, PA108
KLL L.Lamont Red Box Yes, GB105
KMP M.Pietrowiax Green-Blue box Yes, PA107 1/2
KBK R.Kammermann Black Box Yes, GC104
KJR J.Rodriguez Sm red cart Yes, PA107 1/2
KBM M. McInnes Knakk written on it, gangbox Yes, PA102
KST J.Lindl Kennedy Rolling Tool Chest No, K-01
KDG D.Giese Grey Plastic rolling cart No, K-02
No, K-03
No, K-04
KEC E.Cramer Plastic Gold Cart No, K-05
No, K-06
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