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East Room Pallet Storage ($6.00)

  • Scroll to the right in the table for more shelving
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Top of pallet racks

xxx01 xxx02 xxx03 xxx04 xxx05 xxx06 xxx07 xxx08 xxx09 xxx10 xxx11 xxx12
PA3xx Pwr. Wheels ? ? C.O'Brien EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY B.Sherwyn MMS Storage J.Rymsza Laser Lab MMS Storage
PA2xx W.Siebeneich V.Rana J.Bissen A.Blake C. Cannistra E.Cramer M.Polewski A.Amrhein K.Hughett ? N.Crumbaugh T. Campbell
PA1xx Cart Space E.Taylor R.McInnes N.Pomatto J.Rodriguez R.Digate B.Coon M. Schneider,
A.Pirkey/J.Ienatsch C.Simonsen EMPTY L.Anderson /

Bottom of pallet racks

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