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East Room Gray Member Shelving (Free)

  • Previously referred to as part-time shelving
  • Free Shelving for primary members, primary storage only
  • No option to rent, additional family members can rent lockers, Shelve GD1xx-GD5xx, Coat Room or Craft Shelves
  • Scroll to the right in the table for more shelving
  • Members are welcome to update this wiki page as needed
  • Version control will be used to review changes as needed

Top of shelves

xxx01 xxx02 xxx03 xxx04 xxx05 xxx06 xxx07 xxx08 xxx09 xxx10 xxx11 xxx12 xxx13
GA4xx EMPTY M.Colby M.Schneider EMPTY J.Bacik EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY W.Castillo T.Tahtinen Kristin Dunn? EMPTY
GA3xx M.Juranitch B.Reid K.Bell J.Olson Charlie Powell? A.Kohlbeck ?? Fritz-Klaus J. Klein C.Otto M.Reyes F.Finfrock A.Maties
GA2xx S.Davitt (Hapto) J.Tomesch? J.Hurtado T.Sonnier D.Stemper? L.Szeremet S.Thelen? T.Martin S.Davitt (Hapto) C.Resop D.Sumner M.Melk B.Williams
GA1xx J.Reich UP FOR GRABS J.Wegner B.Webb/ M.Moses B.Walker James Tiedemann R.Hafeman M.Steffel G.Farin J.Reichard MMS Supplies Chris Kraco K.Sauch

Bottom of shelves

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