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My Ceramic Resources

Ceramic Videos I Found Useful

Throwing Basics


Spiral Wedging the best wedging style and the only one you should learn
Rams Head Wedging/Spiral Wedging Slam Wedging Well maybe slam wedging is nice to know too…

Hand Building


General Knowledge

Washington Street Studios, Understanding Pottery This series is one of the most in-depth series on clay ive watched on youtube


We make all of our glazes in house. Getting started is easy, just ask for a class! For those that want more digital content I highly suggest these resources. Materials we keep in our studio! I try to keep a running list of all our materials we keep in stock.
Glaze Materials List and reorder Quantities

Quick note of Glaze/food safety

Digital Fire

  • Digital Fire is a resource of all things super technical. need to know the chemical composition of x material, its probably there. Cant explain why a glaze melts like it does, answers are probably there.


  • Glazy is an opensource wiki like object where people post their glaze recipes. You can filter recipes by type and firing temp.
  • We have an official MMS Glazy Account Glazy MMS Its where we store all of our glaze recipes in production they are in the bookmark tab under our account.

John Britt's Glaze Class

  • John Britt is a ceramicists that has a free online glaze course talking about all kinds of glaze topics. Where are the materials from? How are they made? what are they doing in your glaze? A wonderful resource. He also does other ceramics topics.


Potters Clay

  • Paoli Clay(Madison area) Where we order all our materials! Mike is super nice.
  • The Potters Shop, Waukesha (Laguna Clay) They are local so its easy to run there and grab it.
  • US Pigments If Paoli can't get something usually these people have it

Training Resources

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