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My Ceramic Resources

Ceramic Videos I found useful


We make all of our glazes in house. Getting started is easy, just ask for a class! For those that want more digital content I highly suggest these resources.

Materials we keep in our studio! I try to keep a running list of all our materials we keep in stock.

Glaze Materials List and reorder Quantities

Digital Fire

  • Digital Fire is a resource of all things super technical. need to know the chemical composition of x material, its probably there. Cant explain why a glaze melts like it does, answers are probably there.


  • Glazy is an opensource wiki like object where people post their glaze recipes. You can filter recipes by type and firing temp.

John Britt's Glaze Class

  • John Britt is a ceramicists that has a free online glaze course talking about all kinds of glaze topics. Where are the materials from? How are they made? what are they doing in your glaze? A wonderful resource. He also does other ceramics topics.


Potters Clay

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