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Prerequisites: Made bisque ware, ideally already glazed a couple things.

Glaze Making

Glazy MMS General info about glazes
-glass vs clay vs glaze
Main components of a glaze 4 parts
Glass Formers
- SiO2 Stabilizers
- ALO2 Fluxes
- R0 R02 Colorants
- metal oxides that can be fluxes, glasses, or stabilizers

Generally speaking a material has a majority of one thing but can be combos of everything.

-stull's map

-A Mixture is what makes a glaze, not a solution

-General ingredients with substitutes

  1. Feldspars soda vs potassium (Na-Spar vs K-Spar
  2. Frits
  3. Clays in recipes
    1. Kaolin, china clay, porcelain, epk
    2. ball clays, Gleason, Spinks Blend, OM#4 and NP
    3. Bentonites, Veegum
  4. Colorants, oxides vs carbonates

Amounts per batch 100g = peanut butter jar 2000g = 1.25gal bucket (small Bucket) 10Kg = 5 Gal Bucket The general process of “making a glaze” for a 5 gallon batch(10kg)
- Weight out each ingredient adding them to the main mixing vessel as you go.
- dry blend the ingredients
- Add water
- blend
- screen 3 times! Yes its that important, yes every time
- wait 2-3 days for proper hydration of ingredients and then adjust thickness (add water then not now)
- create test tile from bucket

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