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Prerequisite: Have already made a couple pieces 10 or more

Kiln Training Part 1

General thoughtfulness and carefulness

  • These are not your pieces and are very delicate
  • Someone took hours to finish them

cleaning and washing shelves

  • Damaged kiln wash is best repaired on bisque firing. Do not fire shelves that have drips!
  • Ideally applied a day ahead
  • Check the kiln bottom, shelves, and coils for debris, glaze, bisque, and vacuum it out, any little bit can damage the kiln

loading care

  • Positioning, and placement are important
  • No foot should overhang
  • Don't “straddle” shelves
  • Wet or “cold” pieces should not be fired
  • Broken or unsigned pieces will not be fired
  • Loader discretion it is completely acceptable to not fire someone’s piece

firing temps and settings

  • Cone 04 for bisque
  • Measure of heat work
  • programing the kiln
  • For bisque it is 6hr preheat
  • Cone 04
  • Slow
  • No hold

Turn Fans on

  • Vent fan gets plugged in, sulfur dioxide is released in bisque firing, it is important.
  • Fill out the log!!!


  • Put all the shelves and stilts back in their shelves/holding location
  • Note any problems on the log or put “no issues” on the log
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