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Solidoodle 3




  • Print Envelope: 200mm x 200mm x 200mm (8“ x 8” x 8“)
  • ABS Extruder Temperature: 200˚
  • ABS Bed Temperature: Normally, ABS requires 105C, however, our Solidoodle temperature indicator is off by about +15C. There is a temperature chart taped to the side cover of the printer. Use it!


Repetier Host

Repetier Host is used to control the printer.

Note: There is talk of switching to Printrun. — Pete Prodoehl 2014/04/10 21:55


Slic3r is used to generate G-code from your STL files. Slic3r can be run from within Repetier Host, or you can slice your files separately and load the G-code into Repetier Host.

Note that we've had a few issues with the settings taking effect when slicing within Repetier Host, so if things don't seem to be working, try slicing outside Repetier Host.

Current Status

  • March 2019: Non-functional?
  • December 2015: Having problems with over-temperature error messages when trying to print with ABS.
    1. Note: The extruder reads 25c-30c cooler than it actually is. If you want to print at 230c (for abs) you should set the hot end to 200c.
  • June 2017: Out of commission for an extended period. Taken out of operation due to mechanical glitch which caused defects in every print.
  • June 2017: E3D V6 hotend and Titan extruder transfered to TAZ for upgrades.


  • 3D Printing Lab

Approved Trainers

Checked Out Members

If you would like to get checked off to use this machine please contact one of the above listed trainers.

  • Wade Starck
  • Ken Becker (15-Apr-14)
  • Emily Mondloch
  • Mykal Antczak
  • Kaysy
  • Steve Shapiro
  • Sean Woodman
  • Matt Schedler
  • Luke Schedler
  • Bret Daniel


  • 2014-02-25 - Arrived at Makerspace


  • $70 - Joe B.
  • $100 - Lance L.
  • $20 - Pete P.
  • $100 - Vishal R.
  • $20 - Harvey M.
  • $50 - Ken B.
  • $200 - Jim K.
  • $200 - Ed K.
  • $20 - Chris H.
  • $50 - Adrian
  • $20 - Steve P.
  • $100 - Tony W.


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