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Equipment List (Lenox, Makerspace)

Please note, the Makerspace makes no promise that any of the listed equipment/tools will be available at any given time. Additionally, information on this list may be out of date.

Metal Shop Equipment
Metal Finishing Equipment
CNC Area Equipment
Wood Shop
Laser Lab
3D Printing
Electronics Lab
Paint Room
Craft Lab
Stained Glass Area
General Equipment/Hand tools

◊ Metal Shop

Metal Finishing Area

♦ CNC Area

Casting, Metalworking Equipment


Welding / Fabrication Area

Both of the Makerspace facilities have MIG and TIG welders. We also have plasma cutters and oxy-acetylene torches. Members may borrow on-site protective equipment. We also have a variety of hand-held tools such as angle grinders, as well as bench-mounted tools such as grinding wheels and belt grinders.

The Lenox welding area is ventilated with an in-wall exhaust fan.

Wood Shop

Laser Cutters

3D Printing Area

Electronics Lab

Paint Room, Vault 16

Craft Lab

Leatherworking Benches

Stained Glass Area Equipment

* We have all the basic hand tools you will need to start, as well as various electric glass grinders and a ring saw. If the ring saw has issues we'll update on the discord so check there for most up-to-date status.

Jewelers Bench & Equipment

East Room


General (MMS, Lenox St.)

Shop Vacs and Upright Vacuums

Defunct, Missing, or Removed Equipment


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